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Consumables certification and evaluation

"the certification standard is actually a benchmark for most manufacturers in the industry. It is a qualification rather than a championship. With the strength of many large enterprises, it is not difficult to pass, but being able to personally participate in the formulation of the whole standard on March 12 is a very valuable asset for the development of enterprises." The president of a well-known printing consumables enterprise told me

Huangshan Xinli ink believes that certification is of great significance to improve its quality management. Luopingping said: "especially through quality evaluation, we can have a correct evaluation of our actual products. Whether the results are good or bad, it is beneficial for us to further improve the product quality due to the failure of shaft end seal, the shaking of process system or the error of operation."

coupled with increasingly stringent export trade standards, such as the EU Directive on restricting the use of certain hazardous substances in electronic and electrical equipment (RoHS) passed in January 2003, people are full of expectations for the future of certification

Yang Quan also has a grand vision for the PPT project, "After many tests, we found that the more than 20 data involved were far from enough. The basic data can also be derived from other data, and there is no end to scientific research. Finally, we hope that through scientific research, we can find out the factors that have the greatest correlation with the printability, quantify them, get rid of visual inspection in the future, and directly judge the quality or applicability of the paper from the data. When purchasing paper, as long as the supplier Just provide accurate data for judgment. This is a good idea and a big topic. If it comes to expectations, I hope there will be more financial support to keep the frequency of market supervision and ensure the quality of scientific research. " In the vast golf course, no matter how tricky the angle of the benchmark that marks the position of the distant hole is, as long as you stand there, you will know the basic direction. Maybe one shot into the hole, maybe supplies. On the golf course in the market, the benchmark is still ahead, and the competition continues

iso quality management system certification

iso quality management system certification is the most authoritative quality management system in the world. As any successful printing enterprise, whether participating in the competition in the domestic market or opening up new business areas in the international market, ISO quality management system is an important condition and a necessary pass


sgs is societegeneraledesurveillances A. For short, translated as "general notary public". Founded in 1887, it is the largest and oldest non-governmental third-party multinational company engaged in product quality control and technical appraisal in the world. Among the export products, SGS is one of the most powerful backgrounds for it to open up the international market. SGS refers to the non-toxic certification of heavy metal content of products in various printing industries, and conforms to the relevant standards of the food industry

sony's green partner system

sony promotes the establishment of the greenpartner system, that is, it puts forward the SS-00259 technical specification, requires that the products and components of its suppliers should meet the environmental protection requirements of the specification, and defines the content of harmful substances such as heavy metals, organic chlorides and organic bromides of organic solvents in the packaging when selecting the installation environment, To ensure that the products produced will not cause impact and harm to the environment

fogra certification

the abbreviation of the German Printing Art Research Association. The business fields of the association involve prepress process, printing technology, printing paper, printing color, environmental protection, etc. it undertakes relevant research projects in the printing field from an independent perspective and uses the research results to help the development of the printing industry. The product certification provided by Fogra Association involves CTP technology, printing press and auxiliary equipment, equipment, etc

national paper quality supervision and inspection center

the center is the only national paper inspection institution authorized by the State Bureau of quality and technical supervision in China. The national paper inspection center has a good testing environment, perfect instrument and equipment configuration, and an independent testing center activity site

national quality supervision and Inspection Center for printing and decoration products

it is an institution approved by China National Laboratory. It mainly undertakes the random inspection of the quality of domestic printing and decoration products and different types of inks and anti-counterfeiting products issued by the State Bureau of quality and technical supervision, and carries out entrusted inspection, arbitration inspection, new product identification, production license review and inspection of such products, and formulates and revises relevant national standards and training services. For example, the ink used in food packaging, dairy packaging and export packaging must pass its inspection

in addition to the above testing and certification institutions, there are also some private and local testing institutions in China. The general form is that enterprises need to test the performance of products, and these testing institutions carry out what projects. However, relatively speaking, the data of these institutions are not particularly standardized, and some users are not very satisfied with their work. In addition, for consumables used in exported food, many cumbersome certification materials from certification bodies are required, including FSC forest monitoring chain, food paperboard, FDA, heavy metal content, various bacterial quantity tests, certification materials, etc. of course, other ISO quality and safety certifications are essential. (qudan)

information source: business information of China's printing materials

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