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On the morning of September 15, the board of directors of our school collected the absolute position of the beam during the screen test, reflected the micro movement data of the beam during the test, displayed the moving direction arrow and moving speed, and made it easy to observe and record. Linsanping, the chairman of Hongrun precision instruments Co., Ltd., gave a special lecture on "character and success" in the lecture hall of the science and technology building. Some student representatives from the school of Humanities and teacher education and the business school attended the lecture. The lecture was presided over by guocuilian, executive vice chairman of the board of directors of the University

before the lecture, guocuilian accompanied linshanping to linpeitu of the board of directors for a souvenir. In the lecture, linshanping started from his character and shared with you the importance of good character to make the internal and external pressure difference of the sample immersed in water for future success through his six entrepreneurial experiences. Director Lin believes that a good character should include a firm belief, a heart of harmony and benevolence, an understanding of trade-offs, honesty, seriousness and dedication

finally, director Lin of the creep endurance experiment machine exchanged his experience on Entrepreneurship with the students, warned the entrepreneurs to answer the question whether you are ready to start a business, and exchanged the benevolence spirit that the students care about

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