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Attention should be paid to the disassembly and assembly of agricultural machinery

during the maintenance of agricultural machinery, it needs to be disassembled and installed. There are many types and brands of agricultural machinery, and the structures are different. If the agricultural machinery is disassembled and installed randomly, it is easy to damage the agricultural machinery. Therefore, the disassembly and installation should be carried out in strict accordance with the regulations

I. disassembly

1. The operating procedures should be considered in advance according to the different structures of agricultural machinery, so as to avoid inversion in sequence

2. Disassembly should be carried out from outside to inside and from top to bottom

3. special tools should be used during operation, and it is forbidden to knock directly on the parts with a hammer

4. it is necessary to make clear the loosening direction of the parts, and be careful with the precise parts. For example, the long shaft parts of the screw rod must be lifted with ropes and wrapped with cloth to prevent bending, deformation and damage

5. The removed parts should be placed on the wooden frame, wooden box or parts tray in order as required, and should not be placed on the ground to prevent damage and corrosion

6. the removed parts should be put together as much as possible according to the original structure, such as shaft, gear, screw, gasket, locating pin, etc

7. for parts that are processed in sets or cannot be interchanged, they should be marked before disassembly and tied with ropes to avoid confusion, such as gear set, valve and valve seat, oil pipe joint, etc., and the parts on the valve should be plugged in the original valve body

8. Tls-s series double digital display spring testing machine that can still be used without repairing the fitter hammer; Tls-a series automatic spring testing machine; Tls-w series microcomputer controlled spring testing machine parts should not be disassembled or misplaced, such as spline and gear, shaft and bearing, etc

9. in order to facilitate the inspection of parts, the removed parts should be cleaned and then coated with engine oil to prevent corrosion

II. Installation

lechal also provides feedback to users through vibrating motors. 1. When assembling agricultural machinery, it should be from inside to outside, from top to bottom, in the principle of not affecting the next process

2. Be careful during operation, and repeat the inspection of important and complex parts to avoid wrong installation and missing installation

3. do not let dirt enter the parts

4. The installation process should be checked item by item in strict accordance with the technical requirements

5. The assembled machine must be adjusted and commissioned

source: agricultural mechanization information in China

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