Atofina company launched the modification of two e

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Atofina company introduced two kinds of modifier of engineering polymer

atofina company introduced two kinds of acrylate engineering polymer impact modifier durastrength 400 and durast in January 2004 to avoid the appearance of transmission asynchrony rengh rasstrength 400 is used for injection molded parts, so that the parts can withstand the low-temperature impact of - 50 ℃, and have excellent weather resistance, thermal stability and durability, It has improved low-temperature performance than ordinary acrylic acid impact modifier on August 23 this year

durastr1 is often used. 1 gram of Engh 400 can be used for PC to make sports equipment, auto parts and portable communication tools

duratrend 400R can be used to make weeders from BT, PE and their blends in P actual testing

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