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Shanxi has a large volume consumption of 850million yuan, and the monitoring system has not detected the leakage of aniline

directly hit the leakage site of aniline in Shanxi

why the 850million yuan automatic monitoring system in Shanxi failed

8.68 tons of toxic chemical intermediate aniline, to leak into the Zhuozhang River in the Haihe River system, threatening the downstream drinking water sources of Handan and Anyang, it is necessary to break through the shunt valve, conduct routine inspection every 2 hours The real-time monitoring system and the emergency plan for sudden environmental events are four software and hardware "valves". But it did

visiting the leakage source of the "12.31" aniline leakage accident in Changzhi, Shanxi Province, it was found that the accident was caused and had a great impact because the above four "valves" were loose

the polluted water source was dumped into the gully

yesterday afternoon, at the site of the accident in huangniuti Township, Lucheng City, under the jurisdiction of Changzhi City, it was seen that dozens of staff of Shanxi Lu'an Tianji coal chemical plant (hereinafter referred to as "Tianji chemical") in blue uniforms were smashing the frozen canal water with shovel and pickaxe into woven bags for centralized stacking. According to the staff, there will be trucks to carry the polluted ice away, but it is not clear where to transport it. In the half meter deep canal, the water has been completely frozen, and the pebbles laid also make the cleaning work quite laborious

the leakage of aniline left quite a lot of traces here. Lime powder sprayed to absorb aniline can be seen everywhere in the channel. The closer you get to the Zhuozhang River, the more lime powder there will be

in the huangniuti reservoir, which was used to intercept the polluted water body this time, we saw that the pumping truck was constantly pumping away the sewage left in the reservoir, and the staff wearing the uniforms of Lu'an Group, the parent company of Tianji chemical industry, were measuring the polluted area of the reservoir with instruments

according to the official statement of Changzhi City, the polluted water sources will be treated harmlessly. According to the interview, these water will be dumped in the gully not far from the Tianji chemical sewage outfall

in a depression beside the road, staff are also removing ice. The ice here is even thicker than that in the channel. Local villagers said that this depression was used as a temporary reservoir during the accident disposal

according to the information provided by the scientific squirrel Association of the popular science station, aniline is an important chemical intermediate, which can be used to produce polyurethane foam, agricultural chemicals, synthetic dyes, antioxidants, rubber stabilizers, herbicides, varnishes and explosives. It is also a toxic substance, which may cause poisoning by ingestion, inhalation or skin contact. Aniline will damage hemoglobin that transports oxygen in the blood, leading to poisoning symptoms such as methemoglobinemia. The poisoned person may suffer from dizziness, headache, irregular heartbeat, convulsions, coma and even death

after the leakage accident, aniline, volatile phenol and other factors were detected and exceeded the standard in some water bodies such as Yuecheng Reservoir and Hongqi Canal in Anyang City, downstream of Zhuozhang River; Handan City, which mainly relies on Yuecheng Reservoir for water supply, has experienced a large-scale water cut-off

Zhuozhang River is the largest river in Shangdang area of Shanxi Province. There are not only the secondary protection area of Xin'an Spring drinking water source, but also the tourism project of water rafting in the basin. The Zhuozhang River basin covers an area of 11196 square kilometers, merging with Qingzhang River to become the main stream of Zhanghe River, and its drainage area above Yuecheng Reservoir is 18100 square kilometers. Yuecheng Reservoir is one of the two major water sources in Handan, and the urban population of Handan is more than 1million

the drainage and sewage pipelines are separated only by the diverter valve

according to the investigation, the direct cause of the aniline leakage this time is that a diverter valve in the aniline tank farm of Tianji chemical was not closed

let's take a look at the performance and quality of the impact tester. According to Xinhua news agency, the aniline tank farm of Tianji chemical is a closed area surrounded by a two meter high fence, and you need to climb over the fence through an iron frame similar to an overpass

in the aniline tank farm, there is a pipeline connected with the rainwater treatment tank and the accident tank respectively. In rainy days, the valve leading to the rainwater treatment tank is opened, and the rainwater in the tank farm flows into the pipeline through the terrain into the rainwater treatment tank and then into the Zhuozhang River; When it doesn't rain, this valve is closed. Once aniline leaks, aniline will enter the accident pool through the pipeline

but before 7:40 on December 31, 2012, although it didn't rain, the pipe valve leading to the rainwater treatment pool was loosened. This directly led to the flow of 38.68 tons of aniline into the channel leading to the Zhuozhang River on the same day, and the latter 30 tons were successfully intercepted

the staff of Tianji chemical told this newspaper that the company stipulated that routine inspections should be carried out every two hours in the aniline irrigation area, and the accident was discovered at 7:40 on the same day. However, the staff member was unable to confirm the specific time of the leak and whether other staff members had checked it before

on the evening of January 6, 2013, the "12.31" aniline leakage accident emergency headquarters held a media briefing to announce that the four direct persons of the accident, Chen Jianwen, general manager of Tianji Fangyuan company, Ren Yongjie, deputy general manager of work safety, Cheng Xinsheng, director of storage and transportation workshop, and Song Tao, deputy director, have been removed from their posts. After the accident investigation, relevant personnel will be further investigated

at a cost of 850million, is the monitoring system useless

regardless of whether the design that the drainage and blowdown pipelines are separated by only one valve is reasonable, and whether there are omissions in routine inspection, there are still many disputes about the disposal of relevant parties even after the leakage is found

according to the Shanxi provincial emergency plan for environmental emergencies formulated in 2011, the Shanxi provincial government should receive the report and report it on the same day

according to the official statement, the environmental protection department of Shanxi province did not know the situation until January 5, the fifth day after the accident. However, according to our investigation, Tianji chemical has installed a "real-time monitoring system" directly connected to Shanxi provincial environmental protection department. If this system worked normally, Shanxi provincial environmental protection department should be able to monitor the occurrence of the accident in real time

according to public information, the Shanxi provincial environmental protection department set up a leading group for the construction of the "provincial pollution source automatic monitoring system" as early as 2006, headed by the director of the environmental protection department. In March, 2008, the first provincial pollution source automatic monitoring center with a total investment of more than 850million yuan was built and put into use in Shanxi

the emission data of the enterprise installing the system will be sent to the monitoring room of Shanxi provincial environmental protection department in real time through GPRS wireless network VPN. If the data emission exceeds the standard or the purification facilities are not operating normally, the monitoring room is set in the control cabinet of the monitoring system of the pollution source to implement relevant control functions for the enterprise, such as forced power failure

according to the official of Shanxi provincial environmental protection department, Tianji chemical is exactly one of the automatic monitoring enterprises supervised by Shanxi provincial environmental protection department

at the press conference held on the morning of January 7, Zhang Bao, mayor of Changzhi City, said that due to insufficient estimation of the harm of pollution, "relevant information was not reported to the provincial government in time", and apologized

and I called Shanxi provincial environmental protection department to ask why this "pollution source automatic monitoring system", with a total investment of 850million and known as the country's leading "pollution source automatic monitoring system", failed to prevent and detect the accident in time. The answer was "this question must be answered by the Department leaders currently in Changzhi City"

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