Atofina introduces new high-performance PVC additi

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Atofina introduces new high-performance PVC additives

atofina does its own waste recycling business and introduces new high-performance PVC additives

2 many customers directly buy a new replacement in the market after the sensor of the torque testing machine breaks down and has problems, and use it directly after it is installed without revision; This is incorrect After replacing the sensor of torque testing machine, its accuracy should be calibrated with standard weight or ring dynamometer; The error should be controlled within the standard range instead of changing it On May 14, 2004,

atofina chemical company, a subsidiary of total, France, launched two new brands of processing aids and two heat stabilizers for hard PVC building materials products

plasticstrength 770 is a polyacrylate lubricating processing aid, which makes the products easy to peel off from the metal mold. It is more effective than the existing brand to prevent PVC degradation. It can be directly applied without any equipment modification, improves the processing speed of the heat sensitive formula, and does not affect the rheological behavior and optical properties of PVC

plastics is within ± 0.5% of the set value; Strength 530 is a polypropylene ester processing aid, which can promote the rapid melting of PVC and reduce the viscosity, so as to improve the output of foamed PVC and wood flour filling, which will produce water inlet filling PVC mixture and other PVC extrusion molding. In addition, this brand also improves the outdoor weather resistance of PVC

the two new heat stabilizers are Thermolite 140 and Thermolite 179. Thermolite 140 is a butyl tin mercaptan heat stabilizer. It is a new product developed for CO extrusion of PVC overlays, profiles and fences. It gives PVC excellent early color stability and good dynamic stability. Therefore, it is also suitable for pipes with high color retention and stability. Thermolite 179 is a mercaptan butyl tin heat stabilizer, which is suitable for the extrusion production of large and high-speed PVC overlays, so that PVC products have good weather resistance and excellent color retention, and the tin content is 8% - 9%

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