At the time of the hottest decoration, my husband

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When decorating, my husband insisted that there was no need to buy expensive hardware accessories. Now he is scolded by his mother-in-law and dare not say anything.

the details of decoration will not be discussed today. Let's talk about a point that is easy to ignore at ordinary times, that is, the selection of objects after decoration. After finishing the decoration project of our bathroom, we need to purchase some hardware accessories, such as faucets and showers, which look very common. I don't think it's necessary to buy too expensive ones, just suitable

my husband also had this idea, so he bought a pile of hardware accessories after the bathroom was decorated. At that time, looking at these accessories, it seemed that the workmanship was not very good. I didn't know until I asked. Suppose you want to get more information, don't be cheap, but my husband thought he had picked up a big bargain. I said these things were cheap but not good, good goods are not cheap, he didn't believe it, and he said that what I spent a lot of money to buy is not necessarily easy to use, It's not painful to change such a cheap thing when it's worn out

I couldn't resist him, so I asked the workers to install it. At first, it was nothing. Then every month, there began to be problems. The water of the sprinkler always couldn't be turned off tightly, but after it was turned off, the sprinkler always leaked out. After holding on for a week, I couldn't help but ask my husband to buy another one. Later, I bought a different style of the same price cheaply, and I knew it would be bad in 2016. Sure enough, two months later, my mother-in-law came to play, and was sprayed as soon as she broke the faucet. Seeing that the port was very rough, vanillin based phosphorus containing self flame retardant epoxy resin was rough, and the workmanship was very poor. I learned that it was bought by my son for a small price, and immediately my husband was scolded for his dog blood

speaking of this, I actually want to tell you that although some things are not as expensive as possible, sometimes the quality is indeed proportional to the price. For example, these hardware accessories used in our family are usually used very often, and the frequency of use is quite high, so we must not buy poor quality ones. Although it is not painful to buy new ones after poor quality things are broken, it is not only troublesome to change them often, but it is indeed a loss in the long run

experimental method of asphalt waterproof coiled material GB 328.1 ~ 328.7 (8) 9 everyone, I hope this muddle headed thing in our family can remind you, and you must remember the hardware accessories or other commonly used things at home. You must buy one of good quality and polish your eyes to see it clearly

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