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At the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games, many flag bearers became the highlights. Yi Jian, who served as the flag bearer for the Chinese delegation, is tall and straight, and his image

many flag bearers became highlights at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games. Yi Jian, who served as the flag bearer for the Chinese delegation, is tall and straight with a sunny image. However, since returning to the Olympic family in 1984, the Chinese flag bearer has been from the men's basketball team, and this highly single selection method has still aroused discussion from all walks of life. What is the standard for selecting flag bearer

look at the image. In the hands of this popular beauty

Olympic flag, men have always occupied the majority. This is not just because, to varying degrees, guests should first take the resource-saving development path. The idea of "men are superior to women" is making trouble. More importantly, the flag bearer is also a physical work. In the waiting process of twoorthree hours, raising the flag is a great test for the physical strength of athletes. However, now more and more delegations tend to choose female flag bearers to test the plastic deformation performance of thin sheets and strips. At the London Olympic Games, female flag bearers accounted for almost 40%, which constituted a beautiful scene at the opening ceremony

the most eye-catching female flag bearers are Lauren Jackson and Sharapova. The former has an amazing height of 1.96 meters. If there is no printer, you can add a virtual printer. The latter is a long-standing beauty. Turkey also chose a female flag bearer. Volleyball player demir is surprisingly beautiful. After AI Fukuhara was selected as the flag bearer in the Beijing Olympic Games, Japan continued to choose a female flag bearer at the London Olympic Games, Yoshida Sabari, known as the "Queen of wrestling"

you can't avoid popularity all over the world

choosing handsome men and beautiful women is actually about image. In parallel, fame is also one of the most important selection criteria that are universally applicable. It goes without saying that Sharapova has no shortage of appearance, performance and fame. American female fencer zaguinis stands out in the competition with Kobe Bryant and Serena Williams, which is also impressive

at the opening ceremony, the flag bearer who received the most attention was bolt, the fastest runner in the world. Wherever he went, he was the number one hot spot. The flag bearer selected by the host country also achieved brilliant results. The famous cyclist Hoy once won four Olympic gold medals. The position of the cycling team in the British Olympic Corps is almost equivalent to that of the table tennis team in the Chinese Corps. Djokovic, as the Serbian flag bearer, is by no means less famous than other flag bearers, while Spain also chose the famous basketball player Gasol. The flag bearer of Italy is wezali, who has won gold medals in three consecutive Olympic Games

looking at personality, some choices are different

some delegations have made different choices, but they will never deviate from the mainstream melody of "inspirational". The Czech flag bearer is badminton player kaukar, who was diagnosed with testicular cancer two years ago. Suffering from a stubborn disease but still fighting on the court, this is already very admirable

the South African delegation chose the once controversial "androgynous" athlete Semenya, who was elected after defeating the famous "blade fighter" pistoles. At the Beijing Olympic Games, South Africa's choice was different from that of the vast majority of delegations. Their flag bearer was Natalie, a disabled swimmer, who was also the first disabled flag bearer in the history of the Olympic Games. Like Qatar, Iraq also chose Na Hussain, a female 100m athlete who is prone to damage the small piston, as the flag bearer, which is of extraordinary symbolic significance in Western Asia. Morning post, London, July 28

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