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Innovative technology launched at Hannover Industrial Expo: Atlas Copco participated in the air compressor Expo

innovative technology launched at Hannover Industrial Expo: Atlas Copco participated in the air compressor Expo

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Guide: March 28, 2011, Antwerp, Belgium: Atlas Copco today announced that a series of innovative solutions will be released at the air compressor exhibition of the Hannover Industrial Expo, which will open on April 4, 2011. Major innovations include specially designed high-efficiency, energy-saving, high-speed centrifugal compression

on March 28, 2011, Antwerp, Belgium: Atlas Copco announced today that a series of innovative solutions will be released at the air compressor exhibition of the Hannover Industrial Expo, which will open on April 4, 2011

major innovations include specially designed high-efficiency and energy-saving high-speed centrifugal compressors, a series of high-efficiency drum dryers, innovative controller software (which can monitor multiple compressors) and oil-free scroll innovative technology to improve installation flexibility. Atlas Copco booth (Hall 26, booth b40) shows our latest innovative products and services, which are completely independently developed and installed in an integrated manner

truly experience the installation process

at the Hannover Industrial Expo, customers will truly witness the integrated installation process for the first time, just like visiting the factory workshop. These installation displays include Atlas Copco's GA oil injected screw compressor, air treatment equipment (the minimum pressure, optimized regeneration cycle and constant pressure dew have reduced the sailing point of China to -70 ° C, improving the energy efficiency of the new adsorption dryer), the new ES6 controller (a new software that can monitor up to six compressors at the same time, and the visual image can be viewed at any time during production to select the appropriate compressor) Air storage tank and nitrogen generator. All components can be easily integrated together, improving production efficiency and reducing costs

success story of technological innovation

Atlas Copco zh 350 + oil-free high-speed direct connected centrifugal blower is the crystallization of a lot of research and development work by designers, and will be officially launched at the air compressor exhibition. It is specially designed for customers in the pharmaceutical, electronic, aviation and automotive fields who need high energy efficiency and high reliability. This industrial medium pressure air three-stage centrifugal compressor will be the first commercial compressor with high-speed motor and no gearbox. Compared with the traditional turbo air compressor, it has excellent energy-saving performance. The first batch of compressors will be delivered in June this year

new energy-saving md/nd drum dryer

Atlas Copco launched a new MD 2000 (dew point reduced to -25 ° C), thereby further expanding its best-selling oil-free screw technology dryer series to centrifugal (turbine) dryer series. MD dryer has the characteristics of no compressed air loss, no freon, no filtering and electronic heating, and the energy consumption is only 120 watts, equivalent to the power consumption of two bulbs

in addition, Atlas Copco will also launch a series of new low dew point energy-saving drum dryers. The dew point of this dryer can reach -40 ° C. Visitors will also be lucky to see the more economical nd 1800 dryer, which can work together with the screw compressor. Compared with the traditional double tower dryer, it can save 50% of the total life cycle cost

prepare nitrogen by yourself

Atlas Copco is one of the few manufacturers who can design and manufacture a complete nitrogen generation system by themselves. Ng nitrogen generator can provide reliable, efficient and economical on-site preparation of nitrogen. The pre lift angle of pure pendulum: 150 ° can reach 99999%. The machine is also part of the integrated installation display

reduce energy costs

the oil injected GA displayed on the booth represents a series of oil injected screw air compressors, which have been continuously improved to improve productivity and reduce energy costs. Compared with the previous generation rotor, the new excellent screw rotor increases the exhaust volume (FAD) by 8%

the further improvement of energy efficiency of GA products is attributed to the R410A refrigerant dryer in Atlas Copco oil injected screw compressor series. Compared with the previous generation of integrated dryer, R410A launched in June 2009 can reduce direct power consumption by 40% even at full load

leading position of oil-free technology

the exhibition will also show a number of recently developed innovative oil-free technologies, including zs+ VSD screw blowers. Through the transformation of roots' technical products, this blower helps pneumatic conveying plants and sewage treatment plants save a lot of energy. Also on display are the latest medical and shipbuilding solutions

the new oil-free scroll compressor SF kW is the result of continuous product innovation by Atlas coker to ensure the accuracy of experiments. The self-produced cylindrical host provides more choices for customers who have strict requirements on air quality (hospitals, libraries, breweries, universities, pharmaceutical factories or other industries). By optimizing the cooling system design, reducing pressure drop and air inlet temperature, Atlas Copco compressors have enhanced reliability and improved performance. This makes the SF series with a multi-core 5.5 kW barrel engine increase the displacement (FAD) by more than 51% and reduce the specific power (SER) by 6% compared with the previous scroll compressor

paying attention to customer feedback is the key to success

stephan Kuhn - President of the business field of building lighting and lighting compressor technology

"the innovative technology displayed at the air compressor special exhibition of Hannover Industrial Expo is the result of our serious absorption of customer opinions and continuous improvement." Said Stephan Kuhn, President of Atlas Copco Compressor technology business

"customers are welcome to have an in-depth understanding of how we can turn their feedback into continuous productivity, reliability and the best solutions and services in the industry."

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