Everyone said that XCMG's technical cattle were no

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Everyone said that XCMG's technical cattle were not satisfied this time

everyone said that XCMG's technical cattle were not satisfied this time

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from China's first Q5 crane to today's XCMG g generation, the intelligent arm equipped with XCMG g generation series cranes, and matrix new materials has signed a multi million yuan contract frame system with Shenzhen anenson Technology Co., Ltd., a large domestic molten salt R & D, manufacturer and distributor, covering automatic working condition planning Winch follow-up control and lifting luffing compensation three bio based fiber plastic composites can achieve mass production! In addition to the above technologies, there are some advanced tension machines on the market. The successful application of these technologies greatly reduces the difficulty of operation, enables the operator to control the crane boom at will, effectively reduces the difficulty of hoisting operation, and saves more than 40% of the operation time for users

XCMG g generation crane intelligent boom, human-computer interaction, energy recovery and golden transmission chain are technologies that can really impress users. Recently, the general office of the national development and Reform Commission released the annual evaluation results of the national enterprise technology center. XCMG was rated excellent with a comprehensive score of 90.5, which is also the highest score obtained by the company in all previous evaluation results, ranking first in the construction machinery industry again

the measures for the administration of the identification of national enterprise technology centers, which came into force on April 1, 2016, highlighted the transformation of enterprises from scale and quantity to high-quality development, and highlighted the construction of enterprise technology innovation system. More than 1300 enterprises nationwide participated in the evaluation, and 54 enterprise technology centers were rated as excellent. XCMG technology center is one of the first batch of enterprise technology centers recognized by the state, and has continued to rank first in the industry in the evaluation over the years. It has been jointly awarded the "national technology center Achievement Award" by the national development and Reform Commission and other five ministries and commissions based on the industry production experience. XCMG is also one of the first batch of national technological innovation demonstration enterprises awarded by the Ministry of industry and information technology. The "XCMG scientific and technological innovation system project based on independent innovation of large construction machinery" won the second prize of the national scientific and technological progress award

XCMG national technology center insists on taking transformation and upgrading as the main line, technological innovation and internationalization as the two strategic priorities, highlighting "layout and building a global collaborative innovation system", and strengthening the two positioning of "global benchmarking" and "breakthrough innovation"; Focusing on the three groups of "condensing and cultivating a group of key personnel, implementing a number of major projects, and focusing on breaking through a number of major achievements", XCMG's independent innovation work has been at the forefront of the national equipment manufacturing industry, initially forming a world-class technical strength and brand influence, and some leading product technologies have reached the world's leading level

Jiangsu Xuzhou Construction Machinery Research Institute

XCMG American R & D center

XCMG European R & D center

XCMG national technology center has established a three-tier technology innovation system including technology research, product development, test and detection. It has seven major research and development platforms, including the "State Key Laboratory for intelligent manufacturing of high-end construction machinery", the national industrial design center and the Jiangsu National Research Center for intelligent engineering technology of construction machinery operation safety, as well as the "Jiangsu Xuzhou Construction Machinery Research Institute Experimental Center" certified by CNAs. With Xuzhou, the capital of construction machinery in China, as the center, XCMG Research Institute and five R & D centers in Europe, North America, Brazil and India have been successively established to comprehensively carry out new product development, product adaptability, generic technology and experimental technology research, and initially establish a R & D and technology platform that can support the international expansion of the entire XCMG group, significantly improving XCMG's R & D capabilities in the corresponding key parts and products fields. The core technology and key parts produced by XCMG European Research Center enable Chinese enterprises to have the key technology of hydraulic system for the first time, realizing the breakthrough development of the industry

vibration and noise room of the State Key Laboratory of intelligent manufacturing of high-end construction machinery

in the main sub categories of construction machinery, XCMG has solved 90% of the technical problems, while the solution of other 10% of the technical problems is like "dancing on the spire". Every small step forward is a big step towards the top of the world's construction machinery technology. XCMG's innovation strategy as a whole and all sectors are benchmarked to the first in the global industry, focusing on promoting the development of high-end, high-quality, cost-effective and large tonnage products, forming a deep technical strength and innovation characteristics

In recent years, XCMG has launched more than 100 sets of major equipment for China's construction machinery, including the "world's first crane", the world's largest lifting torque crawler crane, the world's first crawler undercutting construction equipment, and the six wheel electric drive dump truck with the largest global load. The technology center of XCMG Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. was established to cultivate and build XCMG's new strategic business forms and new growth highlights. With the continuous improvement of technological innovation ability, XCMG has formed a number of world-class equipment industries, ranking first in the world in terms of lifting machinery, first in China in terms of road machinery, and third in the world. Concrete machinery ranks first in the world, first in China in terms of earth rock machinery, and mining machinery ranks among the top two industries in China. It has created a number of leading industry giants such as fire-fighting equipment, small engineering machinery, piling machinery, non excavation machinery, etc

XCMG technical staff team

XCMG European research technical staff team

XCMG has more than 6000 technical talents. It brings together 10 national special allowance recipients, 23 provincial and ministerial special allowance recipients and 5 provincial and ministerial experts with outstanding contributions. There are more than 100 domestic leading technical talents in the most high-end construction machinery, and more than 100 German, American and other construction machinery experts serving XCMG's innovation work all over the world. XCMG's open and competitive employment mechanism does not limit the use of talents, and sincerely invites outstanding talents who agree with the product concept of "leading technology, using and not destroying" and are determined to improve the global new image of China's construction machinery to join XCMG

it has built a national technology center, a national key laboratory, and a global collaborative R & D system

XCMG has always maintained that the annual R & D investment accounts for more than 5% of the sales revenue. Entering a new era, XCMG has focused on and refocused on key core technologies, strived to enter the high-end field, and developed leading technologies in green energy conservation, intelligence, reliability, etc. XCMG has completed more than 100 large-scale R & D projects every year 20 major projects. It has undertaken 4 national key R & D projects, 7 national "863 Plan" projects, 31 national support plan projects, national torch plan and other projects, and 53 national key new product projects; A total of 1 China Patent Gold Award, 4 National Science and technology progress awards, and more than 300 other provincial and ministerial science and technology progress awards. More than 700 key core technologies have been formed, and more than 8000 valid patents have been distributed for protection. In the past three years, he has presided over and participated in the formulation, release and implementation of 37 national and industrial standards, and new products account for more than 50% of the annual sales revenue. Technological innovation has achieved remarkable economic benefits, and won market praise and user reputation

XCMG ranked 46th in this evaluation, ranking first in the construction machinery industry. Zoomlion and sany, the other two enterprises in the industry, ranked 399th and 556th respectively

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