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Industrial UAV enterprise ewater entered Wuhan top 100 manufacturing industry

China Securities News (Xu Zhao) recently, the innovation project of the deep integration of artificial intelligence and the real economy of the Ministry of industry and information technology and the 2017 list of Wuhan top 100 manufacturing enterprises were announced, and the domestic industrial UAV enterprise ewater was listed

it is understood that this list is ranked according to the standards of technology research and development, integrated innovation strength and 2017 business revenue. The selection of ewater means that the company's technological innovation ability and business performance have reached a new level

"the industrial closed loop and industrial technical barriers formed by years of immersion in the UAV market are helping the company further expand its performance." Bie Junfeng, Secretary of ewater's board of directors, said that the market prospect of domestic industrial UAVs still needs to be explored, and ewater, as a leading enterprise in the field, has the ability to seize the tide

according to BIE Junfeng, the current ewater can cover three existing UAV types: multi rotor UAV 2, reference benchmark, fixed wing UAV and unmanned helicopter. It is divided into more than 20 products in more than 10 fields, such as power inspection, police fire control, logistics distribution, energy inspection, film and television, agriculture, forestry and plant protection, land surveying and mapping, wedding tourism, maritime inspection and so on. The oil powered variable pitch multi rotor UAV independently designed by the company is the first in the world. It combines the advantages of electric multi rotor and oil powered helicopter. The rotor adopts variable pitch structure, which makes the pitch response faster and more agile, and enhances the endurance time and flight stability of the UAV; In addition, the successful development of espect small multi rotor UAV has greatly improved the convenience and precision of operation without affecting the control flexibility and reliability. The robust and high-speed production process has brought about a decline in system cost

in addition, the company has now covered five industrial clusters: UAV big data platform, UAV machine development, UAV airborne equipment, UAV core components, and UAV services. The UAV closed-loop industrial chain previously envisaged by Chairman zhaoguocheng, from R & D, manufacturing to sales, training and service, has been completed. The UAV "enjoy flying" platform vigorously built by the company has been officially launched and has begun trial operation in Wuhan East Lake scenic spot. Through this platform, UAVs, pilots and users can be connected to create a fast, professional, safe and low-cost one-stop UAV service platform

ewater has also set up a European R & D center and a Swiss company to introduce foreign UAV technology, and set up subsidiaries of ASA and pc/asa alloys in the United States and Hong Kong to expand the international market. At present, it is gradually receiving orders from around the world

the improvement of performance and the maturity of business model also urge capital to confirm the principle of wear and tear, which is the same as the above. After obtaining nearly 100 million yuan of investment from xinzhongli capital, Beidou fund and other institutions in 2015 and successfully landing on the new third board, ewater completed another 130 million yuan round B financing last year. This round of financing received 130 million yuan, part of which has been used for the construction of the company's UAV industrialization base, which can further expand the company and improve the domestic market share of the company's production capacity. The remaining funds are used for new product research and development, big data management platform research and development and flight service business expansion

"the world's largest UAV industrialization base has been completed and will be put into use next month. At present, the company's business model and UAV technology are very mature, and the research and development of relevant core models have basically ended. In the future, the company will focus more on product and technology upgrading and market promotion in new business areas." Bie Junfeng said

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