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The evolution of grinding machines from ancient times to the present

recently, three scholars, Professor Liu Zhiqing of Zhejiang University, Professor Chen Hongjing of Fudan University, and Professor Xu Shijin of Nanjing University, were invited to Xiaoshan museum to help identify the cultural relics unearthed from the cross Lake Bridge. Professor Liu Zhiqing has a strong interest in a piece of sand and rock. He is only interested in operating it strictly in accordance with the instructions. He affirms that this is the earliest grinder found by human beings so far. Like the earliest lathe found by human beings in the two river basins, it reveals the origin of human industry

the two river basin refers to the vast area between the Euphrates and Tigris rivers where oil sources work, and is respected as the "cradle of human civilization". In the two river basins, people once found a stone:. Through the research and demonstration of archaeologists, it is believed that it is a part of an ancient lathe and plays the role of a lathe tool. Archaeologists believe that if there is a lathe, there should be a grinder. Over the years, archaeologists from various countries have been searching for this precious grinder in various archaeological sites

experts believe that crossing the lake will also increase the shrinkage rate. The sand rock unearthed from the bridge is a fragment of a circular grinding wheel. If restored, the diameter is 25-30 cm, with holes in the middle. It can turn waste into treasure and be used to grind arrowheads, stones and other tools. The site of KUAHUQIAO dates back to 8000-7000 years ago. At that time, humans learned the complex processes of manufacturing grinding wheels, bearings, brackets, cranks and so on. It's really incredible. When archaeologists studied the arrowheads used by primitive humans, they were puzzled by the traces of "crossing the bridge" on the arrowhead ridge. Because only machining can produce the phenomenon of "crossing the bridge". With the grinding machine of the cross Lake Bridge, this question is solved

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