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Evolution and current situation of foreign wine packaging market

the cork of foreign wine has undergone a gradual evolution process, first of all, oak cork, then gradually developed to synthetic cork, 1 + 1 cork, etc., and then spiral cork, etc. Judging from the current situation, the middle and high-grade wine is still mainly raw wood stopper, while the middle and low-grade wine is mainly synthetic stopper, chemical polymerization stopper and 1 + 1 stopper. In addition, there is also a cork called "crown cap", which is similar to the beer cork on the current market and has also been adopted by some manufacturers

it should be said that the wine label of foreign wine is the "top priority" of packaging, which has a deep cultural connotation. Judging from the current situation, it has also gone through a long-term development process. Now it can be divided into two categories:

first, traditional. Most of them take the landmark buildings of the winery as the wine label. For example, Robert Mondavi winery is a typical winery with blockboard gb/t5849 ⑴ 999 as the background. There is also the family badge as the wine label. Most of these wineries have a long history and have great influence in the wine industry, such as the well-known "two lions and one shield" and so on

second, it is relatively trendy. For example, the icon of Chateau Mouton Rothschild in Bordeaux, France, is art painting. Since 1945, the products of Mutong winery have used the works of some world-class painting masters in the upper half of the wine label, such as Picasso, etc., and polyurethane materials for cars are rarely mentioned, which are different every year. Many people buy Mouton just to collect wine labels. This method was later followed by other wineries. In addition, in the United States, Australia and other regions, there are some more modern practices. Kendall Jackson in the United States, the main body of the wine label is a grape leaf. The name of the winery is printed on the leaf. The beautiful extruder accounts for 31% of the total output value of plastic machinery. Hardays, the second largest wine producer in Australia, launched a very unique 3-liter single variety wine. From the appearance, it is packaged in oak barrels, with lining inside, which solves the problem of insufficient sealing and easy leakage of oak barrels and is conducive to preservation. The stamp series wine developed by hardays adopts the animal pattern on the stamp as the wine label, which is eye-catching and generous, and has changed the attitude and expectation of wine consumers towards boxed wine to a certain extent. In addition, in the low-end wine markets in some regions of Australia, local styles can be displayed through wine labels. They have branded Australian ostriches, lizards, kangaroos and other animals as a way to attract local consumers and foreign tourists, which is highly praised

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