The hottest glass craft wine bottle suddenly rose,

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Glass craft wine bottles have sprung up, and the market is developing rapidly

what is the modern glass craft wine bottle? In previous history, wine bottles appeared in the world in simple styles of "soy sauce bottle type", glass material, less information and no decoration. Since the reform and opening up, the glass craft wine bottles that once made people sneer at have sprung up and been looked at with admiration. Wine bottles are becoming more and more colorful, showing the prosperity of a hundred flowers, and as a civilized scene, they have ascended the hall of elegance and become the main part of wine civilization. If Cai yingjue, the pioneer of the first national "10000 people plan" in Jurong, led enterprises to pay more attention to daily use and applicability of traditional wine bottles in the past, then modern wine bottles have added artistry, thinking and scientificity. The modern wine bottle is rich in essence, which once went beyond the concept of just a wine container, and has become a unique packaging art category and the carrier of elegant and vulgar civilization

at present, many families like to use glass tableware, but glass is easy to crack. Why is this reason also one of the fields of tribology research? Don't be afraid, glass ceramics can help you deal with this problem. Glass ceramics are harder than steel. And we can know the size of the force by measuring the change of the output voltage. It simply does not expand when heated and does not shrink when cooled. If you put the glass-ceramic on ice and pour boiling metal solution, the glass-ceramic is still intact. Using it to make bowls and pans, not only can it not be broken, but also it can withstand high temperature. Using it as a knife can also cut iron like mud. Using it as the cover of the missile head can withstand the high temperature when flying at high speed. With the gradual advancement of the national medical reform at that time, the breadth and depth of medical guarantee and protection increased from time to time, the medical terminals at the bottom of the village community rose flexibly, and the principle of essential drugs was about to be introduced. Affected by the above factors, the general drug market suitable for bottom medical treatment will be greatly expanded, the production and sales of simple antibiotics represented by penicillin and medium and low-end cephalosporins will also be significantly increased, and the corresponding packaging materials will also face superior market opportunities. We believe that the market growth of molded antibiotic bottles will be at least 10% in the next few years. As the country will lower the cost of drugs in the list of essential drugs, molded bottles with relatively low cost should have greater demand space than frugal bottles. The condiments such as wine, vinegar and soy sauce contained in plastic barrels (bottles) are easy to be polluted by ethylene, which is harmful to human body. First of all, if the appearance quality reflects on the flatness and observes whether there are quality defects such as bubbles, admixtures, scratches, lines and fog spots, the glass with such defects will deform in application, which will reduce the transparency, mechanical strength and thermal invariance of the glass, so it is not suitable for engineering. Because the glass is a transparent object, the quality gap can be basically distinguished by visual inspection during selection. The appearance quality of hollow glass bricks shall not be allowed to have cracks, there shall be no unmelted matters in the glass body, and there shall be no poor fusion and bonding between two glass bodies. The concave of the outer surface of the large surface of the eyeglass brick should be less than 1mm, and the convex should be less than 2mm. The weight should meet the quality standard, without surface warpage, notch, burr and other quality defects, and the angle should be straight

the brick of glass craft wine bottle should not have ripples, bubbles and layered stripes caused by heterogeneity in the glass body. The plastic bucket (bottle) head is made of polyethylene or polypropylene and added with a variety of solvents. Polyethylene and polypropylene are two materials without abuse, and they have no adverse effects on human body when used to canned drinks. However, since plastic bottles still contain a small amount of ethylene monomer in the production process, assuming that fat soluble organic substances such as wine and vinegar are stored for a long time, physical and chemical reactions will occur, and ethylene monomer will slowly dissolve. In addition, when plastic barrels (bottles) are used to hold wine, vinegar, soy sauce, etc., the plastic bottles will be aged by oxygen, ultraviolet light and other results in the air, releasing more ethylene monomers, which will make the wine, vinegar, soy sauce, etc. stored in barrels (bottles) degenerate

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