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Glass curtain wall technology to improve energy consumption and safety are concerned

the combination of photoelectric and photothermal technology of glass curtain wall can not only save energy, but also produce capacity. Ge Fengzhong said that this new type of glass curtain wall can use solar radiation to produce a certain amount of electricity and heat energy. It can be seen that with the continuous emergence of new technologies, new materials and new processes, the energy conservation and safety of glass curtain walls are also gradually improving

at the forum of "innovative real estate? Low carbon summit" of the Ninth "innovation storm" series of activities held by Nippon daily, Ge Fengzhong, deputy general manager of Shandong Jinjing Technology Co., Ltd., introduced the self explosion rate of glass, which caused an uproar at the scene, and many experts expressed their concerns about the safety of glass curtain walls at the scene

coincidentally, at the forum held by the Guangdong Science Museum a few days ago, Fei Weiyang, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and professor of Tsinghua University, pointed out that "nowadays, the energy consumption of new office buildings is generally more than 10 times higher than that of old buildings", and pointed the spearhead directly at the glass curtain wall

safety and energy conservation are two major factors that have been questioned for a long time since the rise of glass curtain walls in China in the 1980s

however, in recent years, a large number of super high-rise buildings have emerged in many cities. These buildings have adopted the design of glass curtain walls for the reasons of highlighting the image of the city, reflecting the beauty of the architectural form, reducing the weight of the wall and so on. As the glass curtain wall has gorgeous appearance, light transmission, broad vision and other characteristics, just as Chen Yin, vice president of contemporary group, said: "from the perspective of the market, it is needed for both high-end residential buildings and office buildings."

however, have breakthroughs been made in the major bottlenecks that once restricted the development of the glass curtain wall industry? Will the glass curtain wall usher in a new development

energy consumption and safety are the two bottlenecks

among the many problems brought by glass curtain walls, the first is energy consumption. "It feels cold when the heating is turned on in winter, and it feels hot when the air conditioning is turned on at the lowest in summer," Shi Yong, a member of the expert committee of the Ministry of housing and urban rural development, who used to be the chief engineer of Beijing Fengshang, told the author in the interview: "now most glass curtain walls are still using simple double-layer hollow glass, resulting in greater impact by the external temperature environment." The research shows that the heat loss of glass curtain wall is more than 10 times that of typical masonry infilled wall. "From a distance, it is a beautiful glass curtain wall office building, but in fact, the people working in it are not comfortable." Shi Yong said

another frequently mentioned problem is the "light pollution" brought by glass curtain walls. Jiang Yong, a senior engineer of the Chinese Academy of Building Sciences, told the author: "light pollution is caused by the high reflectivity of glass curtain walls. In fact, it is this high reflectivity that early glass curtain walls pursued, and architects hope to achieve the effect of reflecting blue sky, white clouds, lakes and mountains." However, if this high reflectivity occurs in downtown areas or traffic intersections, it will affect people's eyesight, interfere with the line of sight of car drivers, and form serious potential hazards

the safety problems caused by the self explosion of glass curtain wall have also attracted much attention. In an interview with the author, Lin Shou, the former chief engineer of the Beijing Municipal Construction Commission, also mentioned the phenomenon of "glass rain" helplessly for many times: "the glass curtain wall of Joy City in Xidan probably burst more than 200 pieces before and after, and the capital museum probably burst more than 30 pieces..."

in fact, according to relevant regulations, tempered glass must be used for glass curtain walls. Although this kind of specially treated glass will not fall off in large pieces but form granules after self explosion, the harm of self explosion is still great. "According to the surveillance video of the glass self explosion in the capital museum, the broken glass particles fell from the sky like rain, and after a free fall of 22 meters high, smashed a toughened glass tabletop downstairs. Its destructive power can be seen." Lin Shou recalled

since the Great Wall Hotel in Beijing took the lead in the use of glass curtain walls in the 1980s, glass curtain walls have a history of more than 20 years in China. However, for a long time, energy consumption and safety have become major bottlenecks restricting the development of the industry

technological breakthrough is gratifying

fortunately, with the continuous development of technological level in recent years, products are constantly updated, and glass curtain walls have also ushered in new vitality

Chen Yin told the author, "glass curtain wall is not equal to not saving energy, but the technical requirements are higher." In this regard, the consensus view of insiders is that some energy-saving products of glass curtain walls on the market have been relatively mature

for example, Low-E glass, which appeared in recent years, has the characteristics of high reflection of mid and far infrared rays due to multi-layer metal or other compounds on the surface, which can reduce the loss of indoor heat caused by radiation, and has a more obvious heat preservation effect. Ge Fengzhong said that this process of changing the thermal insulation performance of glass through coating is a better means to achieve energy conservation. If Lowe glass is made hollow, especially the use of double silver and three silver Lowe, it can greatly reduce the energy consumption of buildings. Coupled with sunshade shutters, it can also play a role in preventing solar radiation

the composite glass curtain wall, which is typical of the double channel glass curtain wall, is also common at present. Shi Yong said that the corresponding stress between the curtain walls is the upper and lower yield points, plus sunshade, which can maximize the effects of sound insulation, heat preservation, sunshade and so on. Lin Shou also introduced that Nordic countries generally adopt three-story glass curtain walls with two cavities. Although the initial investment has increased, the good thermal insulation effect has greatly reduced the future operating costs

the combination of photoelectric and photothermal technology of glass curtain wall can not only save energy, but also produce capacity. Ge Fengzhong said that this new type of glass curtain wall can use solar radiation to produce a certain amount of electric energy and heat energy

for the self explosion phenomenon, experts said that it is actually related to the deep processing and tempering process of glass. Therefore, if we strictly control it in the design stage, we can effectively reduce the self explosion rate. For example, the safety of laminated glass is higher than that of single-layer tempered glass and insulating glass. This kind of glass is added with film between the two layers of glass. Even if one piece of glass explodes, it will not fall off immediately, but will adhere to the other glass panel. Lin Shou said, "it is almost impossible for two pieces of glass to explode at the same time."

it is undeniable that self explosion is still an unsolvable "persistent disease" at present. However, experts said that some enterprises have begun to take some remedial measures, such as designing green belts around buildings with glass curtain walls to isolate pedestrians, which can avoid personal injury and death even if glass self explosion occurs

as for light pollution, Jiang Yong believes that the current technical conditions are complete, which can be avoided as long as architects are willing to use low reflectivity glass

it can be seen that with the continuous emergence of new technologies, new materials and new processes, the energy conservation and safety of aluminum lithium alloy walls with glass curtain are also gradually improving

problems remain

although the technology has made a breakthrough, Shi Yong pointed out that at present, the promotion of new technologies may encounter many problems

for example, the cost is complex, but most of these orders are chicken rib glass curtain wall, which has good energy-saving effect, but its production and installation cost is at least twice that of double-layer insulating glass curtain wall; Laminated glass has higher safety performance, but the cost is much higher than ordinary tempered glass. The application of composite glass curtain wall and laminated glass will also multiply the weight of the wall. In addition, these new products and technologies are not flawless and still need to be improved. For example, although Lowe glass can block the passage of long wave infrared rays and better retain indoor heat, the short wave infrared rays in the sun are easy to pass through, increasing indoor heat and increasing energy consumption in summer

while technological progress, many soft systems need to be strengthened. In Jiang Yong's view, due to the strong professionalism of glass curtain walls, most of them are designed and constructed by glass curtain wall companies. Therefore, he suggested strengthening the review of glass curtain wall design drawings to curb problems in the early design process. Many experts also pointed out that increasing curtain wall design review and construction supervision is the key to improving the quality of glass curtain walls in China

Jiang Yong also said that at present, China's glass curtain wall industry chain is incomplete, lacking supervision, maintenance and remediation links. He believes that the glass curtain wall in normal use should be inspected once every five years and once every ten years, especially to strengthen the inspection of structural adhesive

the glass curtain wall decorates the appearance of the building and beautifies the urban landscape. Although the "stubborn disease" is still difficult to cure, it is obvious that the technological breakthrough against the bottleneck of energy consumption and safety has begun. For this reason, in the view of many experts, the development prospect of glass curtain wall industry is promising

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