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Glass continued to hold weak short orders for the time being. Review: glass main contract fg405 opened at 1292 yuan/ton, with a minimum of 1285 yuan/ton and a maximum of 1302 yuan/ton, and closed at 1290 yuan/ton. Compared with the settlement price of the previous trading day, resources were limited by 6 yuan/ton, with 447700 transactions and 267000 positions; Fg409 fell 8 yuan/ton to close at 1367 yuan/ton, with 29800 transactions and 7.2 positions. The material is scientifically compounded with polyurethane (PU) materials and materials containing silicone components in 40000 transactions

raw material Market: the price was temporarily stable on February 20, with the reference price of heavy soda ash of 1607.14 yuan/ton, the reference price of petroleum coke of 1191 yuan/ton, and the reference price of fuel oil of 4582.5 yuan/ton. The reference cost of float glass fueled by petroleum coke is 1152.68 yuan/ton

in terms of spot goods: the price of delivery factory and warehouse remained stable on February 20, with Shahe safety reference price of 1160 yuan/ton and Jiangsu China Resources reference price of 1504 yuan/ton. The average industrial manufacturing price of 5mm float glass in the main production area has risen to 1212.8 yuan/ton compared with a few 10 years ago

relevant information: at the central China Glass Market Industry Conference on Tuesday, after intense discussion, the participants believed that the downstream demand would be gradually started, which would benefit the manufacturers' shipment. Therefore, the meeting decided that after the meeting, each manufacturer would increase yuan/weight box according to their actual situation

operation analysis: glass fg405 continues to be weak and volatile, with transactions declining, and the main long and short positions have been reduced. In terms of industry, the central China meeting once again proposed price increases and was optimistic about future demand, but failed to boost the future price. Technically, the pattern of weak futures prices will continue, and empty orders can be held temporarily

operation suggestion: fg405 empty order with 1305 stop loss. The content of this article is for reference only and does not constitute investment advice. Investors operate accordingly at their own risk

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