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The glass curtain wall can be pasted with glass insulation film to avoid bursting

the bursting of glass in the air has become a hidden concern for urban safety. Previously, on May 18, when workers were replacing a piece of cracked glass in the 46th floor of Lujiazui Times financial center building, the glass fell accidentally, and the broken glass fell to the parking lot on the north side of the building, and about 50 cars were damaged by broken glass. On the afternoon of July 20 last year, a glass curtain wall fell from the 45th floor of the wood-based panel universal experimental machine in the Guojin building in Lujiazui, but fortunately there were no casualties

glass curtain walls used in high-rise buildings generally have a safe life. The average life of glass in some old buildings is only 25 years, which needs to be strengthened and replaced on time. If the glass curtain wall of a new building falls, it is mainly due to improper installation and material problems

glass curtain walls are mostly installed on high-rise or super high-rise buildings, which are affected by wind and vibration, so there are high requirements for glass curtain walls and installation. Glass curtain walls are tempered glass. The quality and thickness of the glass itself, the material and geometric accuracy of the aluminum alloy frame inlaid with glass, and the installation process are closely related to glass self explosion

Lu Jinlong, deputy chief engineer of Shanghai Academy of construction Sciences, told that the glass curtain wall itself has a certain self explosion rate. If the glass contains impurities such as bubbles and slag, after being exposed to the sun, the thermal effect is uneven, which is easy to cause self explosion. In fact, coating glass is a relatively simple and easy method. At present, the thermal insulation safety film on the market can save more than 15% energy, and stick to the glass, even if the glass is broken, it can prevent "glass rain"

"three kinds of intelligent basic equipment per square meter: mainframe, microcomputer and printer. Multiple automatic diagnosis: the system has automatic diagnosis function. Although the price is not too high, not everyone is willing to accept it." Experts said that the idea of attaching thermal insulation safety film to the original glass has been put forward for ten years, but it is not so easy to implement

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