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Daily review of glass: Glass rebounded slightly, so it's better to watch carefully

today's glass futures fluctuated strongly. The main 1405 contract closed at 1292 yuan/ton, up 7 yuan/ton, or 0.54%. The trading volume was 318000 hands, a decrease of 60000 hands, and the position was 205000 hands, an increase of 22000 hands

in the strategy of being listed in the catalogue of demonstration and guidance for the first use of key new materials by the Ministry of industry and information technology, the futures price fluctuated and rose today. After the 10 day moving average support in the field of materials was effective in the morning, the stock index rose, driven by the regular inspection and revision of the experimental machine, and rose above the 5-day moving average resistance level, but the 60 day moving average was still suppressed. In view of the light trading in the spot market, it is recommended to hold short orders above 1300 yuan/ton and stop losses of 1310 yuan/ton. It is advisable for short sellers to wait and see

spot price today: Zhangjiagang China Resources 5mm flat glass price was reported at 1480 yuan/ton, flat; Wuhan Changli 5mm flat glass price was 1330 yuan/ton, flat; The price of 5mm flat glass in Hebei Daguang was reported at 1208 yuan/ton, up 8 yuan/ton

it seems that there is more snowfall after the spring festival than before the Spring Festival, and the snowfall range is expanding. In recent two days, even Shanghai has snowfall. Ice and snow weather has a great impact on glass road transportation, especially in central and eastern China. The Shahe and other areas where the snow fell last week have basically melted, and the glass processing enterprises are gradually starting to work, so the stock out volume of glass raw sheet enterprises begins to increase. The content of this article is for reference only and does not constitute investment advice. Investors operate accordingly at their own risk

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