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We know that no matter what kind of machine and equipment it is, there is a certain operation process. Glass should be pre twisted three times in full scale. Glass washing machine is the most commonly used equipment in glass processing. The most commonly used glass washing machine on the market is the washing machine that circulates after adding tap water to the water tank for one time use. Generally, it pumps water into the washing tank, After high-speed cleaning with a brush, it flows back to the water tank, and then enters the air drying area for air drying after absorbing water with a sponge positive roller. After the heating box, a high-pressure fan drives the electric heating to dry the glass surface, it comes out. This is the most conventional glass cleaning equipment

every glass machine has an operation process that we must know. If we don't pay attention to the operation process of the glass washer, there must be a fault when using it, which will affect the use effect of the glass washer, shorten the service life of the glass washer, and even cause casualties. Therefore, we must follow the instructions of the glass washer when using it, So how do we operate the glass washer correctly

first of all, starting up is the leading step of using the glass washer. It is necessary to operate according to the correct starting up sequence. The heater can only be turned on after the blower is turned on. The step of turning off is the opposite to the step of starting up

secondly, before using the glass washer, check the mechanical equipment to prevent the mechanical equipment from operating with problems. In this way, when using, the fault problem will be amplified, which will also affect our operation. If there is a fault before operation, the glass washer can be used only after the fault is eliminated and repaired

finally, how to attract investment and talents? We also pay attention to draining the oil slick and improving the working efficiency of the glass washer

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