The hottest glass debris spilled on the road, and

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On May 4, near the bell tower on Bayi Road in the urban area of Shaowu, a tricycle carrying glass had an accident on the way. Part of the glass on the tricycle fell off and the glass fragments were scattered all over the ground. Due to the large number of vehicles passing on and off this road, there were hidden dangers for capital guaranteed vehicles. The members of the third squad of the urban squadron of Shaowu Traffic Police Brigade who were on duty nearby rushed to the scene in time to clear up a potential safety hazard while dredging the traffic and contacting the environmental sanitation department

at about 10 a.m. that day, when a man drove an electric tricycle to the corner of Bayi Road, part of the glass loaded on the car suddenly fell to the ground. The third squad member of the urban squadron who was on duty nearby found it and rushed to the scene to deal with it. In order to prevent glass debris from injuring passing vehicles and pedestrians, and to prevent vehicles from scraping with other vehicles when avoiding glass debris, the team members instructed and guided the vehicles to avoid the dangerous area, while timely cleaning up the glass debris on the road with the environmental sanitation worker Yidu Jedi steel. After nearly 20 minutes of cleaning up, the hidden dangers were eliminated in time, and the road traffic also returned to normal

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