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With the popularity of touch display panels in the fields of smart mobile terminals, smart homes, vehicle mounted, smart medicine, smart cities and other industries, as the core material of touch display panels, the product category and application scope of glass cover plates have also expanded, and the industry market scale has continued to grow rapidly, with broad market prospects

to increase production capacity, expand scale, and then occupy the market is the thinking and playing method of large enterprises. It is the consistent operational policy of small and medium-sized enterprises to win in stability and develop in diversity. The situation of the upstream industry of glass cover plate reflects the glass cover plate equipment industry, which shows that the glass cover plate equipment manufacturers are more cautious in operation and more refined in cost control. "If we can't support the large-scale (glass cover plate) enterprises, we won't force them; if we can't support the small-scale manufacturers, to be honest, I don't dare to promise casually (do business with them). They may not be able to afford my equipment, and they also worry that it will close down at any time. Our target customers are the middle and high-end customer base of the industry." Shi Hongbo, deputy general manager of Shenzhen Yimai Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Yimai technology"), said that in this industry situation, it is particularly important to seek steady development and reduce enterprise operation risks

Yimai technology was founded at the end of 2012 and officially put into operation in March 2013. It is an innovative enterprise specializing in the R & D, production, sales and service of automation equipment. This is a slightly young enterprise, but its revenue has achieved a high proportion of growth in the past three years, which is inseparable from its professional R & D and manufacturing capabilities

GD series tunnel IR ink baking oven developed by Yimai technology is in the leading position in China in technology. According to Shi Hongbo, this set of ink baking oven equipment mainly uses the principle of thermal negative pressure, ultra-high cleanliness design in the oven, and adopts special light tube light wave heating, which can directly heat the surface of glass ink. The light wave has fast heating speed, which is a heating method from the inside to the surface, It can heat the surface of glass ink and a certain depth at the same time, especially suitable for thin glass cover products. This set of equipment is of modular design, and its length can be spliced into the length required by customers. The longer the length is, the greater the capacity is, and the more machines can be accessed. Generally, similar products can be connected to 3 to 4 machines at most, while this set of ink drying oven equipment can be connected to 8 or even 10 machines. The double runway design, "this set of equipment is a little higher than the price of similar products, but its capacity is a multiple of similar products." In addition, Shi Hongbo stressed that under the same capacity, the power consumption is also greatly reduced, and nearly half of the power consumption per hour can be saved for each equipment on average

for the fingerprint proof process on the surface of glass cover plate, the AF series coating complete set of automatic equipment and scheme uses spray plating to change the traditional vacuum coating process, and can realize full-automatic uninterrupted production. The equipment has great advantages in stability, processing efficiency and production cost. Shi Hongbo said that although the products launched by Yimai technology are relatively expensive in price, and even higher than the spray plating equipment of some imported brands, the products have the advantages of high production capacity, zero defects, low loss and so on, so as to save costs for customers as much as possible on the premise of ensuring the quality of customers' products. In particular, the cost recovery period, "on the premise of ensuring the production capacity, the turnaround period of similar equipment in the market is one to two years, and our equipment turnaround period is generally only 45 days." "

during the interview, Shi Hongbo repeatedly stressed," we should be responsible for customers, take customers as the center, and help customers solve problems. " Shi Hongbo said that Yimai technology adheres to the enterprise spirit of "and honor" and develops and produces humanized products. For enterprise management, Yimai technology also adheres to the attitude of being responsible to employees and implements humanized management. It is precisely because of humanized management that the cohesion of the company is strengthened, and all employees are "one heart" from top to bottom - customer-centered and responsible for customers. Be responsible for what customers need and be proud of customer satisfaction. Yimai technology is so dedicated to serving customers, accumulating bit by bit, and gradually growing steadily

Yimai technology focuses on creating value for customers. Shi Hongbo said that Yimai technology's products are developed and designed from the perspective of customers, which is very humanized. Facing the current situation of high operating costs of customers' factories, Yimai technology has been standing on the customer's point of view when developing products, hoping to help customers reduce costs in all aspects, such as reducing equipment and labor, saving materials, saving electricity, etc. These are the advantages of Yimai technology products, but they are also customer-centered achievements. Three years of professional R & D and production have cultivated a large number of medium and large-scale enterprise customer groups such as helitai, deput, kaimao and ruibida for Yimai technology. At the same time, Yimai technology is trying to seek the in-depth cooperative development of upstream and downstream customers to control costs and improve user experience

focusing on the long-term development of the enterprise, Shi Hongbo said that while maintaining the current growth momentum of the enterprise, Yimai technology, as an innovative technology company focusing on research and development, has begun to expand its layout to the new energy industry in the second half of 2015. At present, it has independently developed two new equipment, the leading equipment has been delivered to customers, and all performance indicators have met the design requirements, The performance can directly compete with similar equipment in the United States and Germany. This equipment will be another main product in the second half of the year. The second equipment is also under intense debugging by Yimai company, and will be put into the market in the second half of the year. Strain at a certain point of the first elastic element ε In direct proportion to the force on the elastic elements, the three devices are also under development and preparation. "In the new energy industry, we must be able to break into our own sky, and we are confident that we have this ability", Shi Hongbo said very definitely

at the end of the interview, Shi Hongbo said sincerely: "Yimai technology will keep up with the development direction of industry technology in the future, be brave in taking the lead and innovation, and with the professional design team, we are willing to grow together with customers, solve the difficulties of production process and develop equipment on new process, improve the core competitiveness of customers, develop continuously, and meet the needs of customers is our eternal unremitting pursuit!"

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