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Analysis of the future digital printing market

digital printing is showing a prosperous scene at present and will be more prosperous in the future. As a profit-making organization, it is very important to seize the emerging profit opportunities. If digital printing can be done, we should seize them. Because digital printing products are easier to control, estimate and manage. Digital solutions make it possible for them to make tableware samples into all aspects of color print business, such as e-commerce, sales, management and production. But at present, it is very difficult to achieve. With regard to digital printing, there are some conclusions:

· digital color printing will continue to grow at a rate that exceeds the growth of traditional printing. At present, the market is mainly on-demand printing, fast printing and large quantities of short edition activities

· personalized printing, one-to-one marketing, customer relationship management (CRM) and marketing strategies have attracted much attention, which are the driving forces for the growth of digital printing

· digital printing will continue to seize the market share of traditional printing. By 2008, the business volume of digital printing will account for 13. 5% of the world's total printing volume 5% o

· in order to enter the digital printing market, printing enterprises will have to find and master the digital workflow suitable for them. There are many things to understand: variable data, database management, e-commerce and logistics. Strong prepress ability, digital photography technology, image design and digital asset management should be run in to meet the needs of productivity

· because traditional printing enterprises employ more employees and invest less corresponding equipment, the per capita profit is lower than professional digital printing enterprises. New entrants do not have this burden

· printing enterprises make full use of existing printing equipment by flexibly adding some interfaces such as automatic version change, CTP and cip3/cip4, thus slowing down their investment in digital equipment

· digital printers focus on short version color printing, CRM, variable data, personalized needs, different versions of printing, digital newspapers and periodicals

· cost models that reflect the short-term value of different digital printing technologies need to be constantly developed. Every little change in cost will arouse the interest of financial executives

. The wide application of JD quantity makes the control system and production system more closely combined, so as to maximize the printing production

. Based on the expectation of the decline in the price of base materials, inks and colorants, digital printing technology is becoming more and more acceptable

· Europe has legislation on the use of alcohol in printing, which may help accelerate the transfer of printing business to digital printing

· the market of high-end digital color printing machines will be impacted by low-end printing machines

key findings of Pira survey

Pira's survey shows that 7096 live parts of printing enterprises are four-color printing, 396 are more than four-color printing and spot color printing, and special color printing accounts for only 4960. 6396 respondents predict that the emergence of hybrid printing will reduce the need for high-end digital printing equipment and reduce their investment costs. 55% of the respondents believe that the high-end digital printing market will continue to grow

the importance of prepress process is that it receives the prepared clear sample through e-mail, and then calibrates the color according to ICC pro files. At the same time, it also has strong data storage and processing ability of variable data printing. The automatic tracking of documents and the monitoring of all work processes are an advantage. The adoption of 1 + 4 hot rolling and 1 + 2 cold rolling technology is good news for those information management system (MIS) suppliers who want to enter the printing industry. It seems to be an obvious advantage that documents can be automatically reprinted if they are lost or damaged

it is generally believed that HP indigo, Xerox iGen3 and Xero should vigorously develop green packaging x 2060; The second is the di printer of Heidelberg, karat and screen: then docucolor series, nExpress and xeihon. Inkjet printing, electrostatic imaging and color copy technology are recognized to be very important in the next five years

respondents believe that the following functions of digital printing machines are very important at present or in the next five years:

· variable data processing capacity· Continuous printing quality monitoring: · high output resolution Better reprint management· Central monitoring and control of all equipment in the workflow

market distribution and forecast of end users

digital color printing press

in, the sales volume of the entire digital printing market was about 8.4 billion euros, accounting for about 7.4% of the entire printing market in Europe. This does not include office printing and desktop printing systems. It is expected to reach about 11.2 billion euros (an increase of 33.1%); It will reach 13.6 billion euros (an increase of 61.1% in I. dagger year) In, the digital printing of the equipment of Xerox Sichuan, HP indigo, Saikang, Kodak and Heidelberg accounted for about 1. 5% of the total printing market 9% (about 2.2 billion euros); From 2007 to 2008, including reprint printing, this figure is expected to increase to 2 3% (about 3.5 billion euros). If we process multi-functional mid-range printing machines, these data will exceed 2.6 billion euros in and 4 billion euros in

the printing market in Western Europe accounts for about 26% of the world market share

quantity and value evaluation

further survey results show that Norway has the smallest growth in the market value and share of digital color printing in all countries in, followed by Sweden. However, there are reports that are inconsistent with this survey, pointing out that at least until 2005, Western European countries will have fixed growth. A survey conducted by Manroland company pointed out that the trend of European digital printing investment is that the fastest growth rate is variable data printing equipment, on the contrary, the growth of fixed data equipment remains stable. In the Netherlands, Britain and Ireland, the personalized demand for digital printing accounts for about 25%. The Netherlands mainly focuses on dry toner technology, while the UK and Ireland focus on liquid toner technology

market and forecast of equipment and raw materials

digital color printing system has occupied an important market share since its inception, providing another choice for four-color lithography printers. Indigo, Saikang and Chromapress are the founders, because they realize the digital drive of printing and realize the integration of Prepress digital platform at the same time. Their invention improves the quality of printing, improves the printing speed, and reduces the cost

one of the attractions of digital color printing is that it can provide economical short version color printing and realize on-demand printing. Following their footsteps, a large number of new digital color printing equipment appeared. For example: Xerox 2060 series, 6060 series, igen3: HP indigo6600 and 3000 Series (seven color printing): OSI 700 and varioprint 5000 (seven color printing); Heidelberg Di printer (including speedpa Di printer) and nExpress; Agfa the Quantity factory: gaobao karat (anhydrous offset printing); Screen truepress 544 and 744; Komori s40d; Liyou l dagger dc233 and 3404di; Kodak versamarko's mid-range digital color printing equipment for the office market comes from Canon, Gestetner, Xerox, Toshiba, Konica Minolta and other companies

due to the low investment cost and the ability of mixed production, many printing enterprises believe that if there are threeorfour mid-range digital printers with a price of 30000-50000 euros to provide variable data printing, they will consider buying a high-speed digital printer with a value of 300000 euros. Its advantage is that if a machine breaks down, the whole production will not be interrupted

using digital color printing requires time before printing to reduce the time required for printing. Output devices are more and more like storage boxes of copiers, used to store toner and paper. Fortunately, we are becoming more and more skilled in sending signals to printing equipment, but we are not good at creative design, such as bleeding, color finishing, typography and other traditional printing techniques

all printed matter must be confirmed before official printing. In this regard, at present, most prepress software includes standardized pre flight inspection, processing PD volume files, and color correction based on ICC files. Conventional automatic Patchwork and overprint can also be achieved. All these tools can help us achieve the desired screen display effect. The proofing and printing effects are the same

at drupa 2004 printing exhibition, better versions of the same models appeared: better resolution, better quality, cheaper consumables, more personalized and variable printing options, faster and more accurate output, better pre press and post press processing

the models of Saikang and Chromapress, one of the earliest suppliers of digital printing equipment, use the same printing engine and can print 2000 A4 pages per hour. After producing more than 2000 digital color printing machines, Saikang was acquired by punch group, but its brand was retained. Now Saikang mainly makes profits by selling colorants, which is the strategy of its parent company punch. Saikang digital printing machine is only produced according to order

paper must bring the equipment manufacturing industry to the market

the growth of the digital color printing market and the emergence of the office color printing machine mean the growth of the demand for A3 format paper. According to Pira's survey, the demand for paper, inkjet printing accounts for about 55% and toner accounts for about 45% 0 the current development trend of digital printing suggests that paper suppliers can provide a small amount of special printing materials

the paper supplied to the toner system printer will become more and more primitive, but the digital printing of high-quality mice still benefits from these familiar products. For paper suppliers, a digital brand still needs to retain its basic quality. The existing weight range of paper is 80-3008/m2, although some storage boxes can handle paper beyond this range

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