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Nanjing glass curtain wall management has not kept up with the needs of the times

on the evening of December 26, 2011, a piece of glass broke on the 6th floor of Zifeng building in Gulou District, Nanjing, resulting in "glass rain" from high above. In August of the same year, a window glass fell from the tianzhidu building on Hubu street, which was the second glass curtain wall fall accident of the building in four days. Behind the frequent accidents, it is exposed that the industry standards are vague and the daily management is not in place. In response to this phenomenon, Fu Hao, a deputy to the Nanjing Municipal People's Congress, also put forward his thinking after careful investigation


the glass curtain wall management in Nanjing has failed to keep up with the needs of the times

"after investigation, I found that in fact, it is not only Nanjing, but also the glass curtain wall falling accidents of high-rise buildings that have emerged nationwide in recent years are not uncommon." Fu Hao told that this is very mismatched with the current industrial development pattern in China. According to his introduction, according to the statistics of relevant departments, China produces 70million square meters of glass curtain walls every year ----- chief expert of liulizhi Institute of Sinopec Beijing Chemical Research Institute/national distinguished expert of the "thousand people plan", which accounts for 75% of the total output of the world. China has 200 million square meters of glass curtain walls, accounting for 85% of the world. As a curtain wall country, every city in China is facing a serious problem, that is, how to ensure the safety of glass curtain walls in high-rise buildings

in response to this problem, Fu Hao learned from his investigation that the practice of Shanghai has been in the forefront of the country. For example, Shanghai has begun to revise the engineering technical specifications of glass curtain walls of high-rise buildings and upgrade the quality and safety standards of glass curtain walls. The upgraded standard of Shanghai mainly includes three aspects: first, it requires that the glass be well managed in use, and the glass quality must meet the requirements of laws and regulations; The second is to regulate it from the market, and it is planned to issue a guiding price for the inspection cost of glass curtain walls. Through price guidance, regulate and restrict the charges for the maintenance and inspection of glass curtain walls in the market; The third is to clarify the accountability system, which requires the design and construction unit to be qualified, the drawings to be reviewed, the construction to be supervised, the materials to meet the standards, and the acceptance to be in accordance with the standards. The owner can be investigated according to the standards no matter which link has a problem in the inspection and maintenance

"in contrast, the management of glass curtain walls in Nanjing still follows the old laws and regulations prevailing throughout the country, which can no longer keep up with the needs of the times." Fu Hao told that he had consulted experts and learned that the current management of glass curtain walls in Nanjing mainly relies on two laws and regulations: the first is the technical code for glass curtain wall engineering implemented in 1996, and the second is the regulations on the management of building safety glass implemented in 2003. After 2006, although Nanjing has also issued regulations on the management of keeping the facade of urban buildings clean and tidy and technical regulations for the inspection and evaluation of the reliable performance of existing glass curtain walls, the former is a regulation for the cleanliness of the appearance of curtain walls, and the latter stipulates that the reliable performance of glass curtain walls should be inspected and evaluated once every 10 years, but this regulation has no mandatory and punitive measures


it is urgent to issue strict and clear regulations.

Fu Hao told that the current general view of industry experts is that in crowded public buildings, if glass curtain walls are installed, necessary safety measures must be taken to ensure safety. The deficiency of current glass curtain wall management is that many curtain wall companies still do not have corresponding qualifications. As a result, the repair and maintenance of glass curtain walls are often prevaricated between contractors and property companies, and ultimately cannot be completed on time and with good quality

"check whether the voltage of the nixie tube is normal? The maintenance method can refer to the nixie tube maintenance section 1 in Chapter 1. Glass curtain walls are used in high-rise buildings in Nanjing, which is conservatively estimated to be more than 50%. The" plastic limit order "for glass curtain has been issued and implemented for more than 7 years. Since the main torque of the spring change testing machine comes from the use and management of the spring wall, it is urgent to issue strict and clear regulations." Fu Hao said that he would propose to the conference that Nanjing would introduce mandatory regulations for the safety inspection of glass curtain walls as soon as possible in the future, clarify the requirements of owners, property developers, construction, supervision units and the government, and answer the question "whether glass curtain walls will fall off and who is responsible for it"

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