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Glass curtain wall "lack of maintenance standards, frequent safety accidents" need to be solved urgently

pedestrians are walking on the street, and suddenly a glass curtain wall overhead falls down with acceleration. Such dangerous scenes happen from time to time around us. In hot summer, there are four foot bolts at the bottom of the machine to adjust the level. The sudden rise of temperature increases the probability of glass curtain wall bursting. Relevant data show that 10 years is a threshold for the use of glass curtain walls. The long service life will lead to the decline of its safety performance and the greater threat to the safety of pedestrians. To solve the "pain of ten years" is a required examination question in front of the glass curtain wall

overhead "time bomb"

China is a leading country in curtain wall production, and the existing curtain walls account for more than half of the total curtain walls in the world. Li Bingren, President of China Architectural Decoration Association, said that relevant data showed that China could produce 70million square meters of glass curtain walls every year, accounting for 75% of the world's output. At present, there are 200million square meters of glass curtain walls, accounting for 85% of the world

glass curtain wall plays an indispensable role in the domestic construction industry. 10. Experiment start: click the experiment start button to start the experiment exhibition. However, in recent years, glass curtain wall bursts, known as "building cancer", have occurred from time to time

in July 2011, a glass curtain wall of the development building on Qingchun East Road in Hangzhou fell from high altitude, resulting in the amputation of a 19-year-old girl; On August 6, 2011, the glass on the outer wall of the 23rd floor of Hualian office building, Dongdu Road, Haishu District, Zhejiang suddenly fell, and the glass slag injured two people who were passing by. Fortunately, the injury was not serious

Shanghai even staged three "glass showers" in a day. At 12:50 on May 18, 2011, the glass on the outer wall of Shanghai Lujiazui Times financial center building suddenly fell, and more than 50 cars in the downstairs parking lot were raided, causing heavy losses; At about 13:00 on the same day, glass fell on the 12th floor of a high-rise residential building at the entrance of Zhaohua East Road, Yan'an west road, Shanghai. Fortunately, no damage was caused; At about 17:00, the outer wall glass of Shanghai Cohen International Center building also fell. Two passing motor vehicles, 323-2002 beryllium bronze plate and strip, were hit, and some of the paint on the body was damaged

the hot weather and high temperature in summer, coupled with frequent extreme weather such as typhoons and rainstorms, are easy to cause the glass curtain wall to burst. Industry experts pointed out that the safety problems of glass curtain walls are closely related to engineering design, material quality, installation process and use and maintenance links. Neglecting any detail may bury hidden dangers of accidents

the "roadblock" affecting development

according to the relevant provisions of the current national standard unified standard for reliability design of building structures (GB), the design life of building glass curtain walls is generally 25 years, of which the warranty period of full hidden frame glass curtain walls is only 10 years. It can be seen that 10 years is a threshold for the use of glass curtain walls, after which problems such as aging of structural adhesive, deformation and dislocation of stressed components, looseness, rainwater leakage, glass cracking and damage may occur

according to the management measures for the safety maintenance of existing building curtain walls issued in 2006, the owner responsibility system is implemented for the safety maintenance of building curtain walls; After the curtain wall project is delivered for use, in principle, a safety appraisal should be carried out every 10 years. The objective "embarrassing" reality is that at present, most domestic glass curtain walls are used in commercial buildings such as hotels and office buildings, and the property rights of office buildings are complex, so it is not easy for owners to be responsible for the safety inspection of curtain walls or require a certain proportion of owners to agree to the safety inspection of curtain walls

the safety of glass curtain wall has always been concerned. As early as 1992, in view of the safety problems existing in the glass curtain wall at that time and the international practice, the China Architectural Decoration Association proposed that the relevant manufacturers should issue "three 10-year guarantees": first, the compatibility test of aluminum alloy profile, coated glass, structural adhesive and adhesive strip should be done, and the structural adhesive manufacturers should issue a "10-year guarantee"; Second, the coated glass manufacturer should issue a guarantee that the coating will not be stuck for at least 10 years during the "1035" period; Third, the enterprises producing curtain walls should issue a safety guarantee that the glass will not fall off for at least 10 years

Li Bingren pointed out that there are many problems in the development of curtain walls in China at present. In addition to safety problems, curtain walls, including glass curtain walls, also have problems of energy conservation, fire prevention, environmental protection and so on

lack of safety maintenance standards

in recent years, the state has issued regulations and relevant standards and specifications such as the technical code for glass curtain wall engineering, the Interim Provisions on strengthening the management of building curtain wall engineering, and the administrative measures for the safety maintenance of existing building curtain walls, but there is no clear safety maintenance standard for glass curtain walls in the regulations. There is no authoritative statement about the extent to which the glass curtain wall needs to be repaired and replaced, and whether the maintenance is the responsibility of the owner or the relevant departments

according to some business personnel engaged in glass curtain wall decoration materials, if a professional organization inspects and evaluates the glass curtain wall, the inspection cost per square meter of glass curtain wall is 10-20 yuan. Some operators have introduced on-site visual inspection, but the inspection cost per square meter is 5-10 yuan. Generally, the glass wall area of a single public building is usually 10000 ~ 20000 square meters. Based on this calculation, the "physical examination" cost of glass alone is at least about 100000 yuan. If the test is unqualified and needs to be replaced, the price of only one glass wall is thousands of yuan, which is much more expensive than when it was built

Ning Wei, deputy director of the glass and enamel Institute of Donghua University, said that the glass products used in glass curtain walls have a set of strict testing standards and systems, but glass curtain walls are prone to problems in the later installation and maintenance stages. Xuwenwei, a deputy to the Zhejiang Municipal People's Congress and chairman of Zhejiang Guangtian Riyue Group Co., Ltd., once said that the frequent accidents of glass curtain walls are related to poor maintenance. He suggested introducing management measures, establishing a special maintenance fund for glass curtain walls, enriching maintenance funds, and strengthening professional skills training for maintenance personnel


with the wider application of glass curtain walls in buildings, all parts of China are gradually exploring their safety maintenance and management methods. In February this year, the administrative measures of Shanghai for building glass curtain walls began to be implemented. According to the new regulations, in the future, glass curtain walls will be banned from buildings with more than two floors in residential buildings, hospitals, schools, kindergartens and nursing homes in Shanghai. Shanghai also stipulated that the safe use and maintenance of the existing building glass curtain wall put into use should be undertaken by the owner, and requested the establishment of a special maintenance fund for the glass curtain wall

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