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Analysis of China's food and packaging machinery market

with the continuous improvement of people's living standards, especially the increase of people's income, the demand for food has gradually become diversified and multi-layered, providing a broad market for the development of the food industry. As an industry providing food industry equipment, the food machinery and packaging machinery industry will provide a variety of high-quality products to meet the needs of the development of the food industry. Facing such a broad market, how should the food machinery of various categories grasp it? I interviewed relevant experts on this issue not long ago

the key to grain and oil processing equipment is to improve its grade

in 1997, the national grain departments can better operate the equipment. There are 11297 grain and oil processing enterprises (including 5777 rice processing enterprises, 4104 flour processing enterprises and 1416 vegetable oil processing enterprises), with an output value of 75.2 billion yuan

relevant experts believe that rice milling equipment should be developed with emphasis. China is a major rice producing region in the world, and its rice consumption in 1999 was 186 million tons, which has exceeded supply. 60% - 70% of China's rice consumption is used as farmers' rations. In 1996, there were more than 6300 rice processing enterprises in the grain sector, which decreased year by year from 1997 to 1999. Most rice milling machinery enterprises in China produce rice mills. At present, the production volume of household micro rice mills, separating iron roller rice mills and air jet rice mills is still large, which are mainly suitable for rural areas, and the output ranges from tens of thousands of units respectively. Due to their backward technical performance, the quality of rice produced is low and the productivity is low, their sales volume is declining year by year, but they will not completely withdraw from the market in the short term. There will still be some needs during the Tenth Five Year Plan period, but the number will not be too large

the combined rice husking and milling machine was developed in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Now the annual output has reached more than 10000 sets, and it will have a strong development momentum in the coming period

relevant experts pointed out that small and medium-sized complete sets of rice making machinery and refined rice machinery are very popular because they improve the accuracy of rice processing. They have developed rapidly in recent years and will sell well in the future

according to industry experts, during the Tenth Five Year Plan period, the annual demand for rice milling equipment will reach 5000 ~ 10000 sets

in terms of flour processing equipment, at the end of 1998, China had nearly 1000 large, medium and small flour processing enterprises with a production capacity of 50t/24h ~ 1200t/24h equipment, of which about 40000 small units below 50t/24h were used, and the annual processing capacity reached 273.1 million tons

at present, the majority of rural areas are still using small flour processing units, so the ownership and production of small units account for a large proportion. At present, small units produced in China can meet the needs of the vast rural market. However, with the development of economy and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the demand for high-grade flour has increased rapidly, and many small flour mills have been unable to meet the requirements. Over the past decade, the total demand for flour has changed little, but the demand for high-quality flour is increasing. The output of standard flour has fallen to less than 20%, and the proportion of special 1 and special 2 flour has further increased. At present, the processing capacity of flour enterprises is surplus, and the actual flour output is less than 40% of the processing capacity. Therefore, experts pointed out that in order to achieve certain economic benefits, flour enterprises should carry out technological transformation of processes and equipment to improve the product level. This puts forward new requirements for flour processing machinery

China's rural market is a big market. During the "Tenth Five Year Plan" period, there will be a certain market space for economic and efficient small milling units

relevant departments estimate that during the Tenth Five Year Plan period, the demand for flour mills will be about 3000 sets, with 20000 to 30000 single units

in terms of oil processing equipment, relevant experts believe that the scale should be appropriately expanded. At the end of 1997, there were 4957 vegetable oil processing enterprises (above Township and county levels) in China, with an annual output of 8.94 million tons of vegetable oil, and the annual edible oil per capita was about 7.4kg. After adjustment in 1998, there were 1513 vegetable oil processing enterprises, with an annual output of 6.02 million tons of vegetable oil. At present, the per capita annual edible oil in the world is 14kg, and it is estimated that by 2010, the per capita annual edible oil in China will reach 10kg. With the improvement of people's living standards, the consumption of edible oil is developing towards refined oil, salad oil, high-grade cooking oil, blended oil and nutritional health oil. At present, the oil processing machinery suitable for the vast rural areas can be divided into two categories: power rotary oil press and hydraulic oil press, with a total of more than a dozen varieties and specifications, as well as supporting equipment of more than 20 specifications and varieties, such as cleaning, shelling, steaming and frying, oil filtering, etc., which has a large market. At present, large-scale oil plants in the city use leaching method for production, and the solvent leaching process has developed rapidly, which will gradually replace mechanical grinding, and the production scale is increasingly large-scale, continuous and automated

at present, horizontal rotary extractors, crawler extractors and tank group extractors are commonly used in China. In recent years, new products such as annular extractors and horizontal rotary extractors have been developed. The oil extraction plant will also gradually develop to medium and large-scale. The expansion leaching of oilseeds is a new process that has emerged in recent years, which can greatly improve the leaching capacity, and 3D printing can shorten the production cycle. Its processing equipment has been successfully developed in China and will be gradually popularized in the future

with the improvement of people's living standards, the quality of edible oil has been paid more and more attention, and the proportion of refined oil is increasing. At present, the scale of oil refining machinery in China is small, generally 20 ~ 50t/D, and there are many intermittent types. It should be gradually developed towards large-scale, continuous and automation

relevant experts pointed out that the oil deep processing technology and equipment in our country will next introduce a simple and intuitive electronic tensile testing machine. The development of speed and force value verification method started late and the scale is not large. It will develop in the future, but the speed will not be too fast

the development of grain and oil processing industry has an increasing demand for grain and oil packaging and grain and oil packaging machinery. In the field of grain production, experts estimate that by 2005 and 2010, China's annual grain processing volume will be 220 million tons and 260 million tons respectively. According to this market forecast, it is estimated that before 2005, the annual demand for 5 ~ 50kg/bag semi-automatic particle metering and packaging machines will be 700 ~ 1000, the annual demand for full-automatic models will be 50 ~ 100, the annual demand for 1 ~ 2.5kg/bag medium bag particle metering and packaging machines will be 100, and the annual demand for semi-automatic and full-automatic powder metering and packaging machines below 25kg/bag will be 300 ~ 500. By 2010, the demand for grain and oil packaging machinery will increase by about 10% annually. The demand for automatic packaging equipment will increase more than that for semi-automatic equipment, and there will also be a certain demand for paper bag packaging. With the improvement of domestic oil processing technology and the demand for oil packaging machinery, the proportion of refined oil packaging machinery will increase. At the same time, in terms of sales mode, the retail mode will be gradually replaced by bottled. Therefore, the demand for oil packaging equipment will steadily increase year by year, and the automation and grade level will gradually increase. The annual demand for semi-automatic oil filling machines is expected to reach 300 ~ 500, and the demand for automatic filling equipment will gradually increase

According to the development plan of the starch industry, the average annual increase of starch output is 8.36%, the average annual increase of starch sugar is 10.9%, and the average annual increase of modified starch is 30.8%. In order to meet the demand of starch development and reduce the import of starch machinery, the development speed of starch machinery in China should be maintained at an average annual increase of 15%

domestic equipment of 30000 tons/year should solve the problem of complete sets, and pay close attention to the development of corn starch equipment of 50000 ~ 100000 tons/year

the potato whole powder equipment should be fully developed, so that the nutritious potato whole powder can enter the staple food of the people as soon as possible, and there will be no high noise at all

starch sugar is an important part of sugar. The output of starch sugar in the United States and Japan accounts for more than 50% of the total sugar, which is widely used in the food industry, but less than 10% in China. The annual per capita consumption of starch sugar in the United States is 38kg, while the annual per capita consumption of starch sugar in China is only 0.5kg. China's starch sugar will continue to develop in the future, so we should pay attention to the development of modified starch machinery to meet the needs of the domestic market

source: China Industrial Equipment

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