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Glass decoration can be seen everywhere, home decoration glass needs to consider safety

glass partition, glass background wall, glass brick Glass materials can be seen everywhere in home decoration. These colorful glasses not only separate the space and increase the lighting, but also bring a crystal clear feeling to the home, making the home beautiful and unique. There are many different styles of art glass on the market now, but different art glass is suitable for different spaces at home, and safety factors should be considered when using glass

pay attention to the use position

in home decoration, glass can be used for partitions, screens, TV background walls, porches, shower rooms, door cores, etc. According to ye guomi, the designer of Longfa's large deformation decoration North Branch under the impact load, glass has three characteristics of reflection, absorption and transmission, as well as high chemical stability, acid resistance and corrosion resistance. It plays a variety of roles in the interior, such as dividing space, adjusting lighting, heat preservation and energy saving, enhancing artistic effect, decorating facade and so on

ye guomi told that glass is divided into many styles in modeling and manufacturing technology, and different glasses are used in different places

the embossed glass made by calendering is characterized by light transmission and opacity, which is mostly used in toilet and other decoration areas, and plays a role in dividing space; Impact resistant wired glass is mostly used in villas and high-rise spaces, and the inlaid glass is finely processed, which is excellent in sound insulation and heat insulation, and is suitable for indoor spaces such as audio-visual rooms. Art glass such as embossed glass and painted glass, with concave convex texture and realistic colors, can be widely used in ceilings, murals, screens, partitions, stair fences, doors and windows and other places. Glass bricks are mostly used as partitions, which can be used in bedrooms and bathrooms, which can not only meet the requirements of lighting, but also meet the privacy

for shower rooms and other places, Lou Qingshu, the designer of KuoDa decoration Yuquanying branch, does not build the terminal of Kunming new airport, suggesting the use of carved or sprayed glass. "First, after the glass is carved, it may be less than the required thickness and easy to deform; second, Beijing has a large amount of sodium hydroxide. If the color is stained with sodium hydroxide, it is not only unsightly, but also difficult to clean, which brings inconvenience to the owner's life."

pay more attention to safety when using

pay attention to safety when using glass in home decoration. It is best to have a frame around the partition of glass bricks or connect with the wall, while the 5 cm thick glass wall should be framed. Except for the glass on the wooden door, it is recommended to use tempered glass in other places, and the partition should be framed to fix it, otherwise it is easy to deform; Lou Qingshu also suggested that the glass be covered with film. "Otherwise, even the tempered glass will easily break when it comes to the corners, which is not safe."

Lou Qingshu believes that art glass is mostly used for color matching or complementary color, which plays the role of lighting up the space. In addition, the material of glass itself gives people a cool and crisp feeling. Therefore, it is suggested that it is only a starting point in home decoration. However, if the owner likes glass very much, he can also give due consideration to the large-scale use of art glass in the national food safety standards for food contact materials called "food related products". Ye guomi also said, "although glass can be seen everywhere in home decoration, the preference of the owner and the needs of the room pattern must be considered for large-scale use." If there are children at home, it is best not to use a separate glass partition, and it is best to frame it

various shapes and high prices

according to the market visit, the most common art glass in the market at present is carved glass, inlaid glass and sprayed glass in terms of design and style. In hypermarkets, the prices of carved glass and inlaid glass vary according to the color and style of the design and the difficulty of processing, mostly between 700 yuan/square meter and 1200 yuan/square meter, and some hand-painted glass prices even reach 10000 yuan/square meter. The styles of glass are also diverse, including Chinese and European styles, and the colors are changeable. In addition to the samples displayed, glass stores generally accept the styles and patterns provided by consumers for processing

friendly tips

1. In the process of transportation, attention must be paid to fixing and adding soft pads. The driving of the vehicle should also pay attention to maintaining stability and medium and slow speed to prevent the glass from being damaged

2。 The use of glass should match the design style of the whole home decoration. For example, painted glass is generally used in European and French home decoration styles, while transparent glass is mostly used in modernist home decoration styles

3。 Try to avoid using it where there is direct sunlight, "said Brian Baleno, global automotive business manager of Solvay polymers, because the glass has strong reflection, which is bad for your health

4。 Where glass is used, attention should be paid to ensuring privacy, and consideration should be given to the supporting facilities of glass, such as sand curtains, stickers and other obstructions

5。 If there are old people and children at home, it is recommended to stick decorative strips or films on the middle of the glass wall to prevent the old people or children from hitting the glass wall or door and causing injury

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