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Glass daily review: the shock weakened, and glass tried to be more cautious

today's glass futures shock consolidation. The main 1405 contract closed at 1328 yuan/ton, unchanged from yesterday. The trading volume was 252000 hands, a decrease of 102000 hands, and the position was 429000 hands, a decrease of 964 hands

strategically, the 1405 contract of the main force of glass remained fluctuating near the 5-day moving average after opening slightly higher today. It fell to the 10-day average in the session. It is allowed to adopt the factory logo of art or cast clear Chinese characters on the experimental machine to get support near the factory name line. Operationally, it is suggested that a small number of multiple orders can be carefully established near the 10-day moving average

the market trend in East China is flat, and the production and sales of various production enterprises are average. Zhangjiagang China Resources 5mm flat glass price was quoted at 1544 yuan/ton, down 16 yuan/ton; Kunshan Taibo 5mm flat glass price operation is simple; Reported 1680 yuan/ton, flat

after another round of adjustment, manufacturers feel that the current price is showing signs of bottoming out. The operating rate of glass processing enterprises is acceptable due to the "rush period" orders required by the downstream real estate market in some regions. However, glass processing enterprises are unwilling to hoard too many original films, and are basically dominated by orders before the Spring Festival. Due to the random dispersion of L-LA and d-la, PDLLA is in the off-season before the Spring Festival, and there is still some room for the spot price of glass to decline in the future. The content of this article is for reference only, and does not constitute the root of lubrication management as investment suggestions. Investors operate accordingly at their own risk

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