The hottest glass curtain wall is in danger

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The glass curtain wall is facing a "dangerous period"

the curtain wall glass fell to the ground and broke into pieces, frightening pedestrians

the glass curtain wall is facing a "dangerous period"

experts suggest that the building should be equipped with instructions

at noon on September 8, the side of Block C of Zhongguancun e World Digital Plaza was full of broken glass, Mr. Pan, a passer-by, was so frightened that he was worried: "what if such a large piece of glass fell down and hit people?" In this regard, the building property explained that the glass curtain wall of the building was being replaced, and protective measures had been taken, and no one was injured

this glass curtain wall fell from the 11th floor of the building. There is also an empty window exposed on the wall, which is about 2 meters high and 1 meter wide. Two construction ropes hung to the ground along the glass curtain wall of the building. Metal frames were scattered on the broken glass, and a warning line was drawn around. "The warning line has been drawn before the glass fell, and l0 is the distance between the markings. Staff kept reminding passersby to avoid." A nearby shop employee said that the building was under construction at the time of the incident, and the construction party had taken protective measures in advance

the words of the shop staff were confirmed by the building property. At present, the workers are replacing the damaged glass curtain wall of the building. Because some of the glass curtain wall is located outside the cement wall, the workers cannot remove the whole piece of glass from the building, so they were forced to break the glass from the outside of the building. However, the glass is broken little by little, and the warning line is pulled up in advance, so it will not hit people. Despite this, Mr. Pan still has lingering fears about these seemingly bright curtain wall glasses on his head, because he has seen the news that the curtain wall glass fell and hurt people in the newspaper more than once

in fact, as early as 2005, the Beijing Municipal Committee of the Jiu San Society issued an early warning when recommending the city to carry out a survey of potential safety hazards of glass curtain walls. According to the industry regulations on the requirement that the quality assurance period of curtain wall projects is 10 years, the glass curtain walls built in the city since the 1980s, especially the hidden frame glass curtain walls built in the 1990s, have passed the 10-year warranty period, and there are potential safety hazards

Zheng Shi, director of the science and Technology Quality Department of Beijing Architectural Design and Research Institute, told that the reasons for the glass curtain falling off are various, which may be the self explosion of the glass, or the problem of the connecting glue or connectors. The "technical rules for architectural design in Beijing" prepared by the Institute stipulates that full hidden frame glass curtain walls fixed with structural adhesive are not allowed in Beijing. Strictly speaking, it is difficult to completely prevent individual units of the glass curtain wall from breaking or even falling off, but measures should be taken to prevent falling off from hurting people. In addition to ensuring the quality of the glass curtain itself, a canopy should be set at the entrance, and a green space under the curtain wall should be set to prevent people from approaching

it is worth paying attention to that many structural adhesives used in existing glass curtain walls have exceeded the effective life of 10 years, so it is necessary to find a company with professional qualifications for inspection and maintenance. In fact, the requirements for the maintenance and inspection of glass curtain walls have been clearly stated by the Ministry of housing and urban rural development and other industry competent departments as well as relevant professional specifications. 1. The fluctuation range of power supply voltage should not exceed ± 10% of the rated value, but the implementation is generally poor, which is related to the lack of safety knowledge in property rights and property departments. In fact, once the glass curtain wall has problems and hurts people, in addition to the curtain wall contractor, the property and property rights departments also need to bear the corresponding responsibilities. If the city wants to establish a long-term mechanism for the safety management of glass curtain walls, the relevant departments should issue corresponding management policies and make specific provisions on the maintenance and repair mechanism

Zheng Shi also pointed out that although the overall service life of the building can reach more than 50 years, the service life of parts such as glass curtain wall and roof waterproof layer is far less than this number. This is like a new car having to go to the 4S store for regular maintenance and replacement of parts after delivery. Therefore, buildings should also be equipped with building operation instructions, including curtain wall maintenance and operation instructions, Make clear provisions on the use method and maintenance warranty period of the building from the whole to all parts. Under the internal economic cycle of our newspaper Wang Qiong J010

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