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The largest glass deep processing production base in East China has settled in Hefei. Recently, according to the Management Committee of Hefei Circular Economy Demonstration Park, the park plans to plan 3000 mu of land for the introduction of large-scale glass deep processing enterprises, with a total investment of 1.8 billion yuan. The annual output of Low-E insulating glass is 2million square meters, insulating glass 3million square meters, electronic information glass 500000 square meters, photoelectric building integrated glass curtain wall 500000 square meters It is the largest professional glass deep processing industrial base in East China with a complete range of products and cutting-edge technology, including 1million sets of automotive glass and 1.5 million square meters of building tempered glass

Wang Shengyang, head of the Investment Promotion Department II of the park management committee, told that according to the outline of the national economic and social development plan of the "Eleventh Five Year Plan", the GDP will maintain a growth rate of more than 8% before 2010. The next five years will be a period of rapid development of China's industrialization, urbanization and new rural construction, as well as a period full of development opportunities for the glass industry. The construction industry, transportation industry, electronic information and solar energy and other emerging industries are the pillar industries of China's sustainable economic development, which will effectively drive the development of the glass industry. In addition, with the continuous improvement of various policies and regulations, it will also greatly promote the development of the glass industry. The development of glass deep processing industry in Hefei Circular Economy Demonstration Park has a unique comparative advantage, because 100 kilometers north of the park is located in Fengyang, Anhui Province, one of the three major building materials base counties in China, the largest quartz sand production base in East China and the second largest in China. The quartz rock mine covers an area of about 120 square kilometers. At present, the proved reserves are 500000 tons, the prospective reserves are 10000 tons, and the silicon dioxide content of the raw ore is 99. 4%, providing abundant raw material resources for the processing and production of glass, ceramics and other building materials

According to the introduction, Hefei Circular Economy Demonstration Park is located in the south of Feidong County, Anhui Province, about 30 kilometers away from the center of Hefei, the capital of Anhui Province, with a total planned area of 20 square kilometers and a start-up area of 10 square kilometers. Since its commencement on March 1st, 2006, after two years of hard work, the park has become an important part of the national comprehensive management of Chaohu Lake, a key project of the "861" action plan of Anhui Province, a pilot unit of circular economy in Anhui Province, and an important part of the Eastern Group of Hefei "141" urban planning. The park takes circular economy as the basic guiding concept and "pay close attention to the source management, strictly control the process and strengthen the end treatment" as the basic path, establishes the principle of "environmental protection first", combines prevention and control, focuses on prevention, actively improves the environmental capacity, adheres to environmental protection first, relies on scientific and technological progress, promotes cleaner production, promotes the efficient utilization of resources, and strives to build a scientific and Ecological Industrial Park focusing on large projects. The Park focuses on building a characteristic industrial chain and forming industrial agglomeration. In terms of spatial layout, it plans five plates, namely, rubber and plastic material Park, new building materials Park, green chemical industry park, Hefei leading industry supporting area and logistics market area, which are scattered and concentrated

Hefei, the provincial capital, is sealed by the gap between them. It is the mother city of the circular economy demonstration park, which provides good basic conditions for the development of the park in terms of development space, talent support and comprehensive business costs. In particular, it is worth mentioning that the successful practice of Hefei's "great development, great construction and great environment" has brought about conceptual changes and ideological emancipation, which has injected a strong spiritual impetus into the development of Hefei Circular Economy Demonstration Park. The park has deeply explored its own potential and formed five distinctive comparative advantages: 1. Abundant basic resources. The park is adjacent to Chaohu Lake, one of the five largest freshwater lakes in China, and has abundant high water resources; Hefei No.2 Power Plant, Huainan coal mine and Dingyuan Salt Mine are distributed around, with rich basic resources. 2. A comprehensive transportation and logistics system with roads, railways and waterways. The park is about 8 kilometers away from the Longxi overpass at the intersection of Hefei Nanjing Expressway, Hefei Chaowu Expressway and Hefei Xuzhou expressway, and only 6 kilometers away from the east gate entrance of Hefei Hefei Hefei expressway; Close to Shanghai Hanrong, add a settable parameter - the initial running speed of the instrument (V0) high-speed railway, and the screws are mostly 19 self built M-type ordinary screws. 1km dedicated railway line is connected with Huainan railway; Park 2. A 1000 ton special wharf will be built at a distance of 2 kilometers, which will directly reach the Yangtze River through Dianbu River, Nanfei River and Chaohu Lake. 3. Perfect infrastructure. Based on the two master plans of urban planning and industrial planning, and guided by 15 professional plans, the park builds various infrastructure with high starting points and high standards. 4. High quality and efficient investor service. The park has set up a compound service team with an average age of 32, covering more than 10 majors such as planning, construction and environmental protection; Among them, there are 6 graduate students, 16 undergraduate students, and 5 middle and senior talents such as architects and auditors. Highlight system construction, and implement target management and refined management. The specially established Investor Service Center can provide investors with full agency services. 5. Good humanistic environment. The park adheres to "only backward cadres, no backward masses" as the basic principle of mass work, and advocates the humanistic spirit of fairness and justice; Land acquisition and demolition in accordance with the law, operation with emotion, focus on the employment training of land requisitioned farmers to industrial workers, and strive to build an old-age security system for land requisitioned farmers, so that they can feel and enjoy the achievements of the park construction, so as to lead the cadres and the masses to actively participate in the process of the park construction and development, form a good interaction between the park development and the masses to become rich and well-off, and create a harmonious humanistic environment for the construction of enterprises in the park. At present, the park's "three horizontal and four vertical" trunk roads and supporting projects such as water supply, power supply, rainwater and sewage pipes, communications, natural gas, etc. have been completed in advance. Key projects such as sewage treatment plants, railway private lines, industrial raw water plants, thermal power plants, special service fire stations, 3000 mu of constructed wetlands (480 mu in the first phase), 5 square kilometers of ecological protection forests are advancing in an orderly manner, and a 10 square kilometers investment platform is beginning to take shape (Hefei Circular Economy Demonstration Park provides information)

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