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All kinds of glass decoration, easy to create a cool living environment

many people like to buy some glass decorations when decorating, such as glass vases, cups and plates, handicrafts, as well as transparent glass candlesticks, glass wine glasses, etc. These glass decorations can be placed in any place in the home that needs decoration, and the room can be decorated fresh and pleasant, which can create a cool feeling in summer, Sometimes there are even unexpected romantic effects

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transparent decorative glass always gives people infinite reverie. If there is a decorative glass porch in the room, people will step into the door to collect and display experimental data like entering a dream situation. You can also stick a piece of decorative glass at the end of the corridor, draw cool patterns, and simulate the "light box" effect, which breaks the constraints of space, brings in-depth vision that the 21st century is an environmental protection century, and creates a sense of mystery

in addition, decorative glass can also be used as a space decorative partition. The study of many families is connected with the living room now. If there is no decorative partition at all, it will appear too open, affecting the learning efficiency in the study, and adding doors will occupy space and make the space appear crowded. If the screen made of painted decorative glass is used, it can not only isolate the space, but also beautify the room and expand the space

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