The hottest glass curtain wall that can breathe

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The glass curtain wall that can "breathe" is located in Pujiang International Financial Plaza on the North Bund and will be completed next year. At present, the project has won the gold award of "LEED" standard pre certification issued by the U.S. Green Building Council. Is it more than that paid by the master? Answer: most of the readers are "green benchmarks" of projects under construction in Shanghai

the new technology of building energy conservation displayed at the WorldExpo left a deep impression. What kind of "wind vane" role does the "green highlights" in the design of Pujiang International Financial Plaza play in building energy conservation in Shanghai? We interviewed the management and designers of the construction project

glass curtain walls that "breathe"

glass curtain walls are not uncommon. Glass curtain walls that can "breathe" are rare. The mystery lies in double glazing. The designer of the facade of Pujiang International Financial Plaza building told that the indoor air could be sucked in from the suction channel at the bottom of the glass from the buffer on the inner layer, rise between the two layers of glass to the upper exhaust outlet, and then be discharged from the air duct in the ceiling. In this way, the indoor air circulates through the "breathing" between the double-layer glasses, avoiding the heat transfer problem of the glass and achieving the effect of heat preservation and insulation. Compared with the traditional glass curtain wall, the double-layer glass curtain wall can save 40% - 60% energy and reduce noise

the "ground source heat pump" 100 meters underground

in view of the high energy consumption, he introduced the selection of cold and heat sources for household air conditioning system, and the central air conditioning of the commercial auxiliary building chose the ground source heat pump system. According to the statistics of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, a well-designed and installed ground source heat pump can save users 30% - 40% of the operating costs of air conditioning on average. Pujiang International Financial Plaza project will drill and lay U-shaped pipes 100 meters underground and lay horizontal buried pipes 20 meters underground. The depth and difficulty of the operation are unprecedented in Shanghai

Pujiang International Financial Plaza ground source heat pump has a deep buried pipe, which needs to penetrate two underground confined water layers, and groundwater is very easy to gush out. The project management team carried out in-depth research on this and decided to implement the scheme of "burying pipes before excavation"

the more elevators are used, the more "energy is generated"

elevators can also "generate electricity". In short, the principle is to re collect and convert the energy consumed in the elevator operation into "clean electric energy", and then transmit it back to provide power for other electrical equipment in the same building

the elevator is mainly composed of traction machine, car and counterweight. The weight of counterweight is usually half of the weight of the car when it is fully loaded. When running in the heavier direction, gravity will drag the traction machine to rotate under the action of potential energy to make it in a state of power generation. The greater the weight difference between the lift car and the counterweight, the higher the operating floor, and the more frequently it is used, the more "energy generation" is. All 17 medium and high-speed elevators in Pujiang International Financial Plaza adopt power feedback devices, so that the elevator can "generate electricity" when it is empty

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