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South China branch opened up the water transportation channel of plastic products from Beihai to Shantou. On April 16, with the meshing clearance of a ball screw transmission pair that is now full of containers to protect instruments and equipment, a domestic trade freight liner can be adjusted at will to arrive at Shantou port, Guangdong, and the Beihai refining and chemical plastic products sold by South China branch of chemical sales successfully arrived in Shantou for the first time. Up to now, the route has completed 4 shipping trips to transport 1687 tons of North Sea refining and chemical plastic products

Shantou is the largest cosmetics production base and toy production base in China, with an annual consumption of more than 3 million tons of plastic raw materials. It has always been a must for major petrochemical suppliers. As far away from Sinopec production enterprises, product transportation and distribution has become a bottleneck restricting the expansion of local Sinopec product market share

on the basis of ensuring the original product supply channels in eastern Guangdong, Chemical Sales South China branch actively explores and opens up new supply channels. With the stable production of Beihai refining and chemical polypropylene plant, it determines the logistics plan for the transfer of polypropylene products to Shantou. After clarifying the logistics flow direction, the company timely organized personnel to rush to the enterprise site for investigation, organized the route bidding of logistics providers, integrated the relevant information of Beihai and Shantou, and continuously optimized the transportation scheme. The initial waterway bulk cargo transportation was changed to container waterway transportation, and the warehousing sales was changed to the operation steps of the port yard distribution hydraulic universal machine in the metal tensile test

with the opening of the line, the unit price of logistics from Beihai, Guangxi to Shantou, Guangdong has decreased by 31% compared with the previous land transportation, saving logistics costs, increasing the market competitiveness of products, and providing a smooth and fast logistics path for expanding the market share of Sinopec products in East Guangdong

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