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South China glass price adjustment market confidence is OK

today, after the above preliminary accuracy correction of the experimental machine, the spot of glass continues to move steadily, the delivery of production enterprises decreases, and the market price is mainly adjusted sporadically. At present, it has basically entered the mode during the Spring Festival. The spot market is in a state of price but no market, and some local traders have a small amount of inventory. At present, the downstream processing enterprises are basically on holiday. In the later stage, they will not resume work until after the Lantern Festival

from the regional perspective, some manufacturers in South China started small preferential activities, allowing some traders to increase their inventories appropriately, and some manufacturers also supported the price; Some manufacturers in East China also have certain preferential activities for traders. A production line in Wuhu, Anhui Province is ready to stop production for cold repair, and a production line in Pingxiang, Jiangxi Province is ready to resume production. The regional trends are as follows: today, the overall trend of the spot market in East China is general. The delivery of production enterprises is weakened by the downstream holidays, and some manufacturers have certain preferential measures

generally speaking, after the holidays of downstream processing enterprises, there will be a certain impact on the ex warehouse of glass spot manufacturers in the short term. However, the overall inventory of production enterprises is still in a relatively reasonable state, and they are not in a hurry to increase the delivery. Instead, certain preferential measures were introduced for some specific customers, and there was no large-scale discount and price reduction. In terms of production capacity, a production line furnace in Wuhu, Anhui Province has recently expired, and the cold repair and shutdown are about to take place; Another production line in Anhui plans to resume production in March. Therefore, in the short term, there is little change in the increase or decrease of production capacity, which does not affect the relationship between supply and demand. At present, the South China market is also affected by the downtime and holidays of downstream processing enterprises, and the delivery of manufacturers is temporarily slowed down. Some manufacturers have issued certain preferential measures to traders and processing enterprises to keep an appropriate amount of inventory. Some manufacturers choose to support the price and do not rush to ship

generally speaking, after the Spring Festival holiday, downstream processing enterprises will be the first to resume production, which will help to increase the consumption of inventory in the early stage. The overall trend in Central China is acceptable. A production line in Pingxiang, Jiangxi Province plans to resume production and ignition in the near future. In the later stage, there is another one in Liling that needs to be ignited, and the resumption of production has not been effectively resolved. Today, the overall trend of the North China market is acceptable, the ex warehouse ratio of production enterprises has increased slightly, and the market price is relatively stable. After the game in the early stage, the traders and production enterprises reached a relative agreement on the future trend of the spot market. Some traders began to stock an appropriate amount of inventory. Therefore, the manufacturers threw it into the garbage heap, and the continuous rising trend of inventory is expected to end. At present, the overall inventory level of production enterprises and traders in Shahe area is acceptable. Some large enterprises choose their own inventory and only give traders a small amount of inventory. For the later spot market, the production enterprises still adhere to an optimistic attitude. At the same time, the relatively abundant production and operation funds and the low price of soda ash have increased the manufacturers' market confidence on a month on month basis

today, the overall trend of the southwest market is basically the same as that of other regions, with fewer production enterprises leaving the warehouse, and some market prices adjusted sporadically. At present, the downstream processing enterprises have stopped work and taken holidays, basically showing a state of price without market. The general trend of the Northeast market in the near future is acceptable. The production enterprises mainly store and distribute goods in winter, mainly considering that the structure is mainly loaded by external forces, and there are a large number of sea freight containers and exports. On the whole, the local inventory in Northeast China this year is in a controllable state, with little pressure. Today, the overall trend of the Northwest market is weak, the output of production enterprises is general, and the market price is adjusted flexibly. On the whole, the enthusiasm of traders for winter storage this year is not high, mainly because the price is relatively high and they are cautious about the later market

aftermarket overview: at present, the spot market is basically in the Spring Festival holiday mode. Production enterprises mainly maintain normal production, and the outbound quantity is limited. At present, the manufacturer has sufficient funds, and the raw and fuel materials required during the Spring Festival have been fully stored. In the short term, some manufacturers have issued certain preferential policies, which is also a preparation for traders' inventories. However, the margin and quantity of preferential treatment this year will be less than that of the same period last year

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