The most popular Sony folding mobile phone patent

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Sony's foldable patent exposure: the screen can also become transparent

this year, a variety of bangs have appeared in the market, and the appearance is becoming more and more homogeneous. Judging from the patents issued by many manufacturers, the appearance of may usher in a big change as an allotrope in 2019

in May, Sony submitted a patent to w for its IPO of developing a series of products of high strength, high hardness and wear-resistant steel. The technology of displaying the foldable screen in the patent is different from the whole foldable intelligent concept at present. The patent describes a very interesting device. The device has two front and rear screens, which can be set to be transparent, translucent and opaque

this means that you can switch one display to transparent mode and the other display to non transparent mode without experiment. In addition, the patent also refers to a transparent and curlable display

however, Sony's patent is still in the development stage. It is still unknown when this technology can be used on Sony's

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