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Komatsu agent Sumitomo Group opens P & s business seminar

Komatsu agent Sumitomo Group opens P & s business seminar

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Guide: from July 21 to 22, 2011, Sumitomo Group agent P amp; S business seminar was held in Komatsu, Jilin. A total of 30 leaders including general manager Tojo Kanji of Sumitomo Group, Hiroshi Shibuya, Yang yeyang, deputy general manager Masayoshi Kataoka, general manager of five agents and director of PS attended the meeting. (Sumitomo...

from July 21 to 22, 2011, the p s business seminar of the agent store of Sumitomo Group was held in Komatsu, Jilin.

a total of 30 leaders, including the general manager of Tojo Guanzhi, the general manager of Sumitomo Group, yoshiji Chenggu, Yang yeyang, the deputy general manager of shimaoka Zhengxian, the general manager of five agents, and the Minister of PS, attended the meeting, which may cause serious consequences. (the five agencies of the group are Jilin Komatsu, Sichuan Komatsu, Wuhan Komatsu, Xi'an Ansong and Hangzhou Shansong respectively)

at the meeting, the general manager of Dongtiao summarized the PS work of the five agencies in the last stage, and on this basis, put forward the development plan for the next stage and the requirements that the accurate stress-strain curve of relevant work can reproduce the experimental process. Deputy general manager Yang yeyang also introduced the matters that should be paid attention to in PS management from four aspects, especially new materials

at this meeting, five agent stores published a total of seven topics, covering PS business, management, training and other aspects. Everyone had a heated discussion on the topic and put forward their own opinions and views, which played an enlightening and reference role for the next PS work of each agent store

we also visited the new plant of Komatsu in Jilin Province, and went deep into the areas of interest of various departments to visit on the spot and find out how we can better implement it

this meeting achieved the expected results and laid a foundation for everyone to communicate with each other in their daily work in the future

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