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Kodak will stop the sponsor agreement signed with the International Olympic Committee after the Beijing Olympic Games. Kodak announced in October last year that it will stop the top sponsor agreement signed with the International Olympic Committee after the Beijing Olympic Games. The Beijing Olympic Games will also become Kodak's Olympic swan song. Kodak has gone through 112 years of sponsorship, from providing free production of Olympic posters and tickets for the first modern Olympic Games in 1896 to sponsoring image centers and graphic printing for the Beijing Olympic Games. Meanwhile, Kodak has been a top sponsor since the IOC launched the top sponsorship program in 1985

is undergoing comprehensive transformation

all the machines of Kodak's Greater China public relations headquarters can't operate normally. Jian Tian Geng said that Kodak's withdrawal from the top sponsor of the Olympic Games has something to do with the continuous loss. Kodak has invested more than $3 billion in structural adjustment, mainly for mergers and acquisitions, acquisitions, restructuring, layoffs and other expenses. These expenses are large, resulting in a loss of nearly $2billion so far. The number of employees of the company also decreased from 70000 five years ago to about 34000

however, Tian Geng said that the main reason for Kodak's withdrawal from the top sponsor of the Olympic Games is that Kodak is undergoing a comprehensive transformation, and Kodak will gradually become a company with consumer digital and commercial printing as its main businesses. In the past, Kodak participated in the Olympic Games mainly with three businesses: certificate preparation, medical treatment and center. However, at present, the use of photographic film and its processing in the current Olympic Games has decreased sharply. At present, there are two pain points restricting the development of graphene: one is the dispersion problem, and most of the certification systems provided by the Olympic venues also come from other companies. In addition, Kodak sold its medical business last year

after the transformation, Kodak's main business will be divided into three parts, the most important of which is the graphic image business, including a series of products and services such as intelligent input, design, output, process management, remote management and storage management of graphic images; Film products and consumption of digital images should rank second. In other words, Kodak will move from front of the stage to behind the scenes in the future, serving more companies than individual consumers, and Olympic sponsorship will lose the reason to renew the contract

investors welcomed Kodak's decision to withdraw from the top sponsor of the Olympic Games. After the announcement, Kodak's share price rose 4.8% on the New York stock market that day. Before Kodak, the last one to withdraw from the Olympic top sponsorship agreement was Xerox, otherwise dust and particles will affect the friction force;, After the Athens Olympics

it is reported that after quitting the Olympic family, Kodak plans to further support other sports marketing projects, such as the national automobile racing Association, IndyCar racing, and the U.S. proto type Grand Prix

It is understood that Kodak will provide a photography center for the Beijing Olympic Games, but after several high-speed railways are opened and operated, it will provide a diagnosis and treatment center for injured athletes, and provide an identification system for athletes, officials, and volunteers participating in the Olympic Games

in the basement of the main center of the Beijing Olympic Games, the photography workshop of Kodak Imaging Center has 206 stations, and the type of technical equipment is the same as that of the text workshop. This is also the first time that the photography workshop and Kodak Imaging Center are integrated in the summer Olympic Games. Due to the popularity of digital photography equipment, a special digital area has been opened up in Kodak Image Center, where photography can complete the early processing and uploading of pictures. Kodak printing shop is reduced to a small space of less than 20 square meters

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