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Komlung KV2000 series non inductive vector converter has become a hot topic at the international industrial automation conference in South China, East China and Northeast China

China industrial control and industrial control information komlung KV2000 series non inductive vector converter has become a hot topic at the international industrial automation conference in South China, East China and Northeast China

in the "2005 ninth China (Guangzhou) International Automation and Instrumentation Exhibition" At "the 6th East China Industrial Automation (Jinan) exhibition in 2005" and "the 8th Northeast China International instrumentation and industrial automation (Shenyang) exhibition in 2005", komlung electric (Asia) Co., Ltd., a professional inverter research company from the forefront of China's reform and opening up, exhibited KV2000 inductive vector converters with high performance and high quality with a new look. Its technological breakthrough has become the focus of discussion at this exhibition, and has become the focus of attention in the industry

Comron electric (Asia) Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of frequency converters that has risen rapidly in China in recent years. As an emerging representative of the frequency converter industry, Comron has independent property rights and strong financial strength in the research and development of frequency converter products. Under the current situation that the frequency converter industry is rising day by day, in line with the attitude of being responsible for customers, komlong company attaches importance to R & D facilities and investment, and also strengthens the requirements for process, technology and quality, so that komlong frequency converter has been greatly improved. In 2004, komlong, whose product production has begun to take shape, was alert to danger in safety, worked hard, and carried out a technical innovation on the original products, A new generation of KV2000 high-performance non inductive vector converter has been produced. This product has the advantages of high quality, multi-function, stable performance and low-noise operation. Through the decoupling control of motor flux current and torque current, the fast response and accurate control of torque are realized, and high control accuracy and wide range speed regulation operation are achieved, which has the current international advanced level

as for the future development direction, Mr. Huang Xuequan, the company's brand director, has a thorough and forward-looking idea, He said: "Comron will strengthen the research and development of high-performance vector converter, further improve the quality and performance of the converter, so as to more specifically reduce users' troubles and concerns, provide technical support for the research and development of high-performance vector converter products, and comprehensively improve the inverter industry with Chinese characteristics. The company adheres to the principle that quality is no longer outstanding, but outstanding performance. 2) the working voltage is often changed in use: mains power 210 ⑵ 40V, 50Hz 5 HZ; Closely follow the trend of world technology development, strive to promote the technological innovation and quality improvement of electrical products, sincerely serve the majority of users with first-class technology and high-quality products, and ensure that customers get the most satisfactory after-sales service and technical support! We will closely strengthen the technical cooperation with world-class companies in the industry, keep improving, and ensure that all products of the company are of high quality. Because we firmly believe that only high quality can create more and higher value for customers! We will devote ourselves to this great technological change with infinite passion, and contribute all our strength to promoting the development of national frequency conversion industry and the technological progress of electrical transmission products! "

this Comron booth attracted the attention of a large number of professional visitors from all walks of life. They raised a lot of questions about KV2000 inverter in terms of scientific research achievements, implementation and application, and detection effects. Some representatives even expressed their wishes for cooperation in the field of high-performance technology, including "insensitive vector" technology

this international exhibition is due to: 1) various signs at the exhibition show that with the continuous expansion of the R & D strength and the increasing improvement of its quality of Comron, and with the in-depth implementation of its market strategy, the brand of Comron inverter with reliable ground wires and Chinese characteristics will become an important force of Chinese inverter and go global

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