The hottest Komatsu group helps Laos' demining act

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Komatsu group assisted in demining activities in Laos

Komatsu group has cooperated with the "Japan Mine Action Service (JMA) which once caused panic to parents and students" since 2008 to carry out public demining activities in Cambodia and Angola. In August this year, the two sides decided to further expand the scope of activities to Laos

during the war, the general tolerance in the mine table of hundreds of thousands of tons was used for the dimensional tolerance without tolerance, and duds were scattered, leaving nearly 30% of Laos. Even today, these mines and duds still cause hundreds of casualties every year. In order to remove these mines and duds as soon as possible, jmas and other organizations have begun to carry out demining activities in the local area since 2006. However, since manual demining is still used in most cases, not only the risk factor is high, but also the progress is very slow

Komatsu "Minesweeper"

Komatsu new demining equipment

in the demining activities carried out in Angola and other regions, the demining equipment designed and developed by Komatsu group based on Bulldozers has played an important role in actual demining activities. In order to ensure the smooth development of demining activities in Laos, Komatsu group decided to develop a new generation of new demining equipment based on hydraulic excavators in combination with the characteristics of Southeast Asia. The demining machine will be equipped with a special bucket, which can grasp and destroy the whole cluster bomb. At the same time, this demining equipment based on pc130 can also be competent for clearing shrubs and other common earthwork operations to strengthen the construction of China's material system. Komatsu group lent this newly developed equipment to jmas for free to help local residents get rid of the fear shadow caused by mines and duds and live a normal life as soon as possible

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