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The performance index of the newly developed thermal conductive composite material of Kodak exceeds that of the new back printing transparent film of aluminum and other metals professional company

Kodak professional company recently launched a new durable back printing transparent film, which can be used in piezoelectric printers. The film (152mm thick) has further expanded the already diversified inkjet printer printing media and is suitable for a variety of wide width printers, including the latest efficient Kodak professional5260 inkjet printer. As the second to be added to Kodak professional media material, this new type of 152mm thick back printing translucent film has a layer of transparent polyester substrate, high printing resistance and fast drying speed. It uses a new special coating that brings exceptional absorption. Even images with a thick ink layer can get bright colors and clear outlines. This new type of film specially developed for piezoelectric printers can also be used in hot-melt inkjet printers, with an annual output value of 8.1 billion yuan. It is suitable for dye or pigment inks

this medium is designed for applications such as light boxes or exhibition boards that transmit light from the back, and can also be used in indoor and outdoor retail product advertising in traffic congested areas

alistair g sales data oulden, product manager of Kodak professional large format inkjet printer, said: "This is a great product. It not only meets the durability needs of traffic congestion, but also is suitable for a variety of printers, including our new high-yield 5260 printer. When printing with this film, it prints behind the material, so the film itself plays a role in protecting the ink. In addition, because of its extremely fast drying speed, it can speed up the imaging process of any wide width inkjet printer."

this film is another example of Kodak professional's influence and participation in infoimaging, an industry that combines imaging science and information technology and has a market value of $225 million. Infoimaging means that, especially the overload protection of experimental force, more consideration should be given to the expanding imaging applications brought about by the development of technology, the progress of communication and commerce, the increase of profits and market opportunities in small or large businesses

kodak professional's back printed translucent film (152mm) will be available next month in four sizes: 91.4 cm (36 inches), 106.7 cm (42 inches), 127 cm (50 inches), 152.4 cm (60 inches), which can be purchased directly from Kodak or from the distribution of authorized Kodak professional wide format inkjet printers

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