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Kohler four stage emission equipment unveiled BICES 2017

Kohler four stage emission equipment unveiled BICES 2017

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on September, 2017, BICES 2017, the first brand of China National Construction Machinery Exhibition - the 14th China (Beijing) international construction machinery, building materials machinery and mining machinery exhibition and technology exchange conference was grandly held in the new hall of China International Exhibition Center in Beijing. After six years of trials and tribulations, the construction machinery industry ushered in the dawn again. Manufacturers of complete construction machinery and supporting parts from all over the world gathered together to show the latest technology and new products. China Construction machinery trade, with a strong collection and editing lineup, presents you with the latest and fastest exhibition feast

Kohler unveiled its four-stage emission equipment in BICES 2017

at the Kohler power booth, of course, you must first feel the industrial charm of a wave of Kohler power...

"believing in better" is the slogan of sustainable development at the level of Kohler company. Kohler power "moves to the forefront of science and technology and innovation". In its daily work, it is committed to improving the living standards of everyone who contacts Kohler products and services, Make people have an elegant and comfortable life. Nowadays, sustainable development has become the theme of the times. As an old brand manufacturing enterprise with a history of nearly 100 years, Kohler has always focused on the progress and innovation of products and services, leading the forefront of the times. According to the understanding of the trade of China Construction Machinery unscrewing the oil delivery valve, Kohler exhibited four stage products such as KDI 1903tcr, KDI 2504tcr and KDI 3404tcr in the four stage emission equipment exhibition area of BICES 2017. Punch is Ф The 25mm hemispherical quenched steel Kohler KDI diesel engine series uses the advanced high-pressure common rail system in the market, with excellent performance in the industry, and meets the current Euro 4 emission requirements. In Kohler, you can not only feel the rhythm of flexibility, but also appreciate the art based on Kohler engine parts, which is presented again by naked eye 3D technology. When industry collides with art, it will always compose wonderful chapters of amazing life

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