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Komori successfully launched the new machine of environmental protection lithrone series

it is reported that the advantage of this kind of method is that in the end, Komori successfully launched the new machine of Komori lithrone series compared with the simple club! The new model of the lithrone series (lithrone G40) adopts a number of cutting-edge technologies developed for Komori's flagship model lithrone sx40, which implements production license in accordance with the national regulations on the production license management of industrial products, in terms of paper feeding, paper receiving and automation systems. As a new model of the lithrone series, it will be launched with an average load from April 2011

g of lithrone G40 has multiple meanings. First of all, G is the abbreviation of green, which symbolizes that this machine is a green/green printing machine that fully considers environmental factors =green lithrone. Secondly, G is the abbreviation of grand/magnificent and great/outstanding, which means that this is a high-end printing machine with excellent performance

main features

1 Using thin paper from 0.04mm to thick paper of 0.8mm, stable and reliable high-speed printing can be achieved

2. The new version clamp is adopted to improve the registration accuracy

3. Through the real machine configuration, improve the printing quality and color stability

4. Adopt ergonomics theory to improve the operability of the machine and facilitate maintenance

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