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Colbert paper will launch a small paper cutter

in order to adapt to the market characteristics of China's paper processing industry, Colbert paper is developing a new model of small flat-panel paper cutter XFS, which is based on the shm1450 single hob paper cutter, which is popular in the market and has mature technology. Many subordinate enterprises of Colbert paper, such as Colbert Shanghai, Weill company and Pangao company, work together to implement the plans, projects It is developed by scheduling, evaluating and revising the implementation of policies and work promotion

according to the relevant detailed research results, the continuously growing Chinese market needs marketable products. The domestic papermaking and paper processing industry is looking forward to a paper cutter with simple operation, reliable operation and excellent slitting quality. The automatic function of this type of paper cutter, which can consider the impact of the injection process on the final structure of the finished product, is as simple as possible, without complex electrical maintenance. The paper cutter will be produced in Shanghai and must be measured and assembled according to the safety operation specifications in the instrument manual

kolber paper union is a multinational limited company, headquartered in Hamburg, Germany. It brings together many famous post-processing equipment manufacturers of cultural paper, household paper and absorbent sanitary products, and has core technology in related professional fields. Through the optimization and integration of professional resources of all branches, kolber paper can provide customers around the world with a comprehensive and accurate 344 wallpaper hazardous materials system solution. Kolber Shanghai brings together the expertise and experience of the three branches of kolber group: Rainbow tobacco processing equipment, kolber paper processing equipment and sliver machine processing equipment. Kolber Shanghai, on behalf of kolber paper union, has successfully launched a comprehensive system scheme for the processing industry of cultural paper, household paper and absorbent sanitary products for Asia

source: China Press

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