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KOMA won the "2016 most innovative multinational company award"

on December 23, the 2016 robot Golden Globe Award hosted by high tech robot was presented The data of the built-in lighting system and inner box adopts the data of resistance to combustion; The ceremony ended at the Kirin Hotel in Shenzhen

KOMA robot won two awards, which were the 2016 multinational company performance award; Annual Technological Innovation Award (International SCARA). 3. The independent dual channel all digital program-controlled amplifier realizes the real sense of physical zero adjustment, gain adjustment and automatic shift, zero adjustment and calibration of experimental force measurement. The establishment of the senior engineer golden ball award aims to select good brands and products in the robot industry from the booming industry, and become a wind vane of industrial innovation and brand influence

the annual Innovation Award mainly summarizes the innovation of KOMA robot brand in the past year; The technological innovation award recognizes the 4-axis SCARA robot rebel-s launched at the 16 year KOMA Industrial Expo

Innovation: 2016 most innovative multinational company award

after the release of racer3 in June 2015, KOMA launched two new types of robot Racer during the past Industrial Expo 63 and racer 80 to expand its small robot family. Also released at the same time is KOMA's latest 4-axis SCARA robot: rebel-s

in addition, KOMA also plans to introduce an epoch-making collaborative robot this year to contribute to the innovation and vigorous development of China's robot market

scara robot: introduction to the protagonist of the technological innovation award

rebel-s is a new 4-axis SCARA robot launched by KOMA China. The new model also has its own new name: innovator. Its new reaction is different from the previous robots of KOMA. This robot does not use the well-known joint linkage. It is suitable for various installation positions, and uses simple but creative options to expand the working range of the robot. The modular extended arm extension enables the working radius of the robot to be switched at any time according to the work content. At the same time, it can also flexibly adjust the hardware configuration of the robot, which greatly saves the cost and time of customers

about KOMA

KOMA is the world's leading manufacturer of automated flexible systems, integrating products, processes and services perfectly, significantly improving efficiency and reducing overall costs. Headquartered in Turin, Italy, KOMA has a business network covering 17 countries and regions around the world, with more than 12600 employees. Zhib worm gear and worm loose power is committed to providing customers with an advanced complete set of systems that consistently exceed expectations by using the latest technologies and processes. KOMA focuses on body welding and assembly, powertrain machining and assembly, robotics and maintenance services, as well as manufacturing systems and environmental protection services for various industrial sectors. Constantly expanding and upgrading products and services enable KOMA to lead the industrial automation industry, meet the unique needs of every customer, and run through the whole project cycle, from design, implementation and installation to production trial operation and maintenance services

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