The hottest KOMA smartspreay will appear in mid-20

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Coma smartspreay will appear at the 2015 China International Machine Tool Exhibition

Comau will participate in the 14th China International Machine Tool Show (CIMT) held in Beijing on April, 2015, which will also focus on displaying its advanced smartspray plasma high-speed arc welding thermal spraying system technology. KOMA is the world's leading manufacturer of automated flexible manufacturing systems. Its products can significantly improve efficiency and optimize production capacity. This powerful thermal spraying system can help automobile manufacturers reduce the weight of the cylinder block. It is necessary to strengthen the construction of the Secretariat of the special committee, eliminate design obstacles, improve durability and ultimately reduce the total cost

this plasma high-speed fusion arc welding thermal spraying process (ptwa) includes coating the cylinder cavity by spraying particulate molten steel at high speed. This kind of coated cylinder with plasma spraying process is far more efficient than uncoated cylinder. It is not only conducive to reducing the final weight of the engine, but also improves durability and reduces energy consumption. This technology can reduce total cost, improve fuel efficiency, reduce pollution and improve overall performance

smartspray production unit is completely flexible, which can quickly replace models, adopt in-line or V-shaped cylinder block configuration, and develop new assemblies with no loss emission offline. The requirements for oil cleanliness are lower than those of electrohydraulic servo valve. The front cylinder (manual or automatic) and the loading and unloading operation in the ptwa process can help to improve productivity; Adding a new spindle will also help improve production capacity. By making full use of KOMA's expertise, this cylinder cavity coating production system provides a new example of an economic and reliable solution for this engine manufacturing field with sales expected to reach $1.3 billion in Asia

KOMA's powertrain system provides the market with a comprehensive service solution that has been tested for more than 40 years. With its rich expertise in many modular machine tools and manufacturing processes, KOMA has become a world leader in developing flexible solutions that can effectively improve the performance of production equipment. By integrating cutting-edge technology (such as ptwa), KOMA can apply innovative machining capabilities to the field of assembly and automation, so as to provide a complete turnkey solution for the entire production line

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