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Mobile office: enjoy convenient business anytime and anywhere

Unicom Wo business mobile office system is a mobile information system based on portable terminals such as notebooks. The system organically combines intelligence, wireless network and OA system to develop a mobile office system, which realizes seamless access to any office location and office hours, and improves office efficiency. For business people and enterprise managers who often travel on business, it is the most difficult and troublesome problem to deal with sudden official events in time during their travel. How to realize the mobile office mode has become their most urgent need. With the development of value= "3" unitname= "g"> 3G business, mobile office has become the product of the integration of today's rapidly developing communication industry and it industry. It perfectly combines the convenience of communication industry, the scale of users, the maturity of software application and the richness of business content with IT industry, making it a new generation of office mode after computer paperless office and Internet remote office

this latest office mode has the same office function as computers by installing enterprise information software on, and mobile office also gets rid of the restriction of having to work on fixed equipment in fixed places, provides great convenience for enterprise managers and business people, and provides a new idea and direction for the informatization construction of enterprises and governments. Mobile office not only makes office easy, but also makes users work efficiently and quickly in any emergency situation with the convenience of communication, which is of great significance for the handling of emergencies and the deployment of emergency response

Unicom Wo business mobile office system is a mobile information system based on portable terminals such as notebooks. The system organically combines intelligence, wireless network and OA system to develop a mobile office system, which realizes seamless access to any office location and office hours, and improves office efficiency. It can connect all kinds of customers' original IT systems, including OA, email, ERP and other personalized business systems, so that it can also be used to operate, browse and manage all work affairs of the company, and also provide some new features and functions in the wireless environment

a variety of options tailored

as an integrated information service provider, China Unicom provides a package of mobile office solutions to meet the mobile office business needs of group customers such as government and enterprises. Unicom Wo business mobile office system mainly realizes the purchase of services by renting Unicom certificates. China Unicom deploys VPN devices in the enterprise's network, and provides security services to enterprise customers through the combination of certificate acceptance points and VPN devices, and collects rents and service fees

considering the differences in equipment investment and capital budget of different industry users, Unicom Wo business mobile office solution has customized two series of hardware version and software version for industry users: the hardware version adopts SSL VPN device + office digital certificate +e shield (or customized version value= "3" unitname= "g"> 3G card and computer), and different customized versions can be made according to the actual number of users used by enterprise customers; The software version adopts P2 P tunnel encryption technology under the trend of lightweight. It does not need public IP and VPN hardware equipment, and only needs mobile office client software to establish the connection between mobile terminal and internal service system through interconnection, so as to realize mobile office users' access to internal systems (such as OA, email, ERP and other IT systems). The humanized and flexible customization of China Unicom mobile office can help enterprises reduce it costs and greatly improve office efficiency on the premise of effectively ensuring the security of mobile office

at the same time, Unicom Wo business mobile office business also takes full account of the convenience of terminal use, and provides users with a variety of access methods for mobile office:

■ ipass+pc terminal: by using Unicom IPASS (providing users with interconnected secure identity and secure application e-shield terminal through USB device with built-in intelligent security chip), users can log in to the internal office of the enterprise with PC on the network outside the office, Realize safe remote mobile office

■ valu Xu tongkao China Plastics Association modified plastics special committee e= "3" unitname= "g">3g card loading + e shield card + laptop: value= "3" unitname= "g">3g card loading based on WCDMA network module, combined with the network security provided by Unicom e shield card, users can safely log in the enterprise through laptop computers in any WCDMA network environment to realize remote mobile office

■ value= "3" unitname= "g">3g notebook +e shield card: using a laptop with a built-in WCDMA card, you can use e shield card to realize remote mobile office anytime and anywhere

■ +e shield card: as the terminal equipment of mobile office, together with Unicom's e shield card, users can carry out safe remote login at any time wherever they can receive signals, so as to realize the mobile office all the time and contribute to the innovation of urban pipeline layout in China

Unicom Wo business mobile office system has brought many conveniences to industry users and end users: expanding office space, people are no longer limited by time and place when dealing with official business; Improve office efficiency, and important official documents will no longer be delayed because the person in charge is on a business trip; Reduce office costs, transportation costs and practical costs. Business personnel can not only display a product, but also access the company's system to report the latest price and inventory to customers, and even place orders on the spot to finalize business

safe, efficient, professional and unimpeded

with the support of modern computer, network communication and other technologies, mobile office has become an indispensable way of office for modern business people and enterprise managers. However, with the rapid development of network technology, network security has also become a major problem for users, especially mobile office users. At present, the virus Trojan horse in the network environment is rampant, and even if the user name and password are used, there are many security risks. In the way of Internet transmission, sensitive information is easy to leak. Hackers can often break into the enterprise by pretending to be legitimate users to steal core information resources, leading to the disclosure of important business secrets of the enterprise and bringing immeasurable losses to the enterprise. Especially in some government agencies, daily office work, information collection and release, public administration and other affairs will consider security issues carefully

in this regard, the mobile office scheme of Unicom Wo commerce adopts a variety of security methods to ensure the security of mobile office

first of all, China Unicom mobile office system provides enterprises with VPN devices using SSL (Secure Socket Layer Protocol) protocol, which can absolutely safely prevent the behavior of remote login and access to the company's sensitive data

secondly, as the only telecom operator with third-party CA operation qualification, the "Green Plan" has been praised by all parties. Unicom CA is an authoritative, reliable and impartial third-party certification authority recognized by the Ministry of industry and information technology, which is specially responsible for issuing and managing the digital certificates required by the network entities, which also provides a reliable guarantee for the access of mobile office users

thirdly, for the end-users of mobile office, the mobile office system of Unicom Wo commerce is equipped with Unicom's proprietary e-shield terminal, which has built-in special encryption chip approved by the State Password Administration, has intelligent security computing ability and basic security storage ability, and protects employees' private keys, thus greatly reducing the phenomenon of information loss from the user end

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