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Mobile payment changes the consumption environment and brings opportunities for marketing innovation

mobile payment is changing the consumption environment, affecting the sales and business processes of enterprises, and bringing opportunities for marketing innovation. Are you ready

Nishiki mitaki explained, "it seems that my credit card has no chance." High monthly fees, long-term contracts, the cost of buying a card reader and a dedicated line are the reasons why he refuses to accept credit card consumption. In terms of cash business, he is doing well, but he is also likely to lose some sales

a customer introduced the concept of mobile payment to the west end of Sanmu. "I heard about this thing called square. I only need an intelligent device to use this mobile payment scheme, and no one has to pay extra for it."

in January 2011, Mitsuki signed a contract with square and received a free card reader. Then his store began to accept credit card consumption. What was the result? The turnover of Hello bicycle has almost tripled that of 2010. Moreover, he was also able to track the real-time transaction information of the store in the office 8 miles away through the paperless system, which made him excited

increase sales

some people, like Mitsuki, also chose square. Joey Garza, the owner and physiotherapist of a sports rehabilitation center in Houston, applied for square as soon as he heard about it. Within two months after getting the card reader, his income increased by 10%

Garza said: "this is a turning point for me." This charging system allows him to meet customers anywhere and collect money, so that those who are unwilling to take cash out of the door can also easily consume. In fact, 70% of the customers in the rehabilitation center prefer to swipe their cards. Garza said that he may be twice as busy as those who only accept cash

mobile payment is changing the consumption environment. According to Barclays' statistics on U.S. commercial sales, transactions on smartphones and tablets reached $5.3 billion in 2011, an increase of 83% over the previous year. Generator research, which specializes in electronic media business consulting, predicts that the number of mobile payment users will increase by 600% by 2014, reaching 4. 5% worldwide 900million people

first data is an Atlanta based company that provides payment processing and authentication services to 4.1 million locations across the United States, and is a partner in the Google (Weibo) wallet project. Mark Herrington, the company's executive vice president for global product management and innovation, said: "This is a better way of payment. At the beginning of 2011, we asked people how long it would take for the transaction to surpass the credit card. Most people said it would take more than 10 years, but now the answer is mostly 3-5 years, because today's consumers, especially the younger generation, have an unprecedented enthusiasm for and are willing to shop in the way they like."

change the company's business processes

Greg hammermaster is the president of McLean, which provides payment solutions business. They recently added mobile payment devices to their business scope. Hammermaster said, "in addition to increasing sales, mobile payment can also bring other benefits to businesses." He believes that the real opportunity lies in those innovations that improve business processes. "Imagine that the unit is Joule (J). Checkout, remittance and other business activities involving payment are waiting for the development of new mobile payment applications. These innovations will bring greater value to merchants."

you have experienced the safe mobile payment brought about by high technology. This fast payment method only needs to plug in a card reader, and also experienced the convenience of rapid bill signing. Then it is likely that this payment system will be quickly promoted in fast food trucks and markets

in the field of mobile payment, square is a leading enterprise. This company led the trend of mobile payment in May 2010, and has begun to cooperate with household credit card brands such as visa. Although Yidu will have a significant impact on the surface roughness of the workpiece, and some operators complain about square's customer service and intelligent unsatisfactory user experience, square still issued more than 800000 mobile card swiping terminals

square was founded by twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey in early 2009. At that time, Dorsey heard that Jim McKelvey, his former boss and glassware maker, lost sales of $0 for small and medium-sized extruders in 2001 because he did not accept credit card consumption. Dorsey found that since people have powerful functions comparable to computers, he can develop a more convenient method of payment technology

Dorsey and mcelvey developed the code and hardware equipment of square in only one month, and then spent another year analyzing the legal provisions in the financial service system and how to control risks. The result is that square can complete credit card consumption in one minute without credit check, and the transaction volume can reach the merchant's designated account the next day. (usually, to establish a traditional commercial account that can accept credit cards, you need to submit an application and wait for a long time. If you are lucky enough to pass the review, you have to pay the installation fee.)

Keith rabois, the chief operating officer of square, said that squ relies on further technological innovation, and are's mission is to make the trading process more transparent. In recent years, because credit cards often contain some hidden fees, the reputation of the credit card system in businesses has gradually declined. Lapos said, "we can avoid these hidden costs. The trading process based on square platform is very clear, and users can immediately see the value."

indeed, since square was launched in October 2010, the total transaction volume has doubled every quarter, and the company has to process $2billion in payment transactions every year

north American bancard (NAB), a payment processing company located outside Detroit, joined the mobile payment field in February last year and launched the pay anywhere business, which includes an application and a card reader similar in shape and size to the orange slicer

Marc Gardner, the founder of NAB, realized in 2001 that the mobile field would become a major business opportunity. At that time, he and his wife were shopping in Europe. At that time, he saw this new technology. "My wife was trying on a pair of shoes. A teller came over with a wireless card reader. I thought at that time that this card reader was very convenient, but this technology has not shown its potential until now."

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