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Phoenix customization center gives you personalized care on ctiforum June 1 news (Yang Jialin): watch, watch military, watch entertainment, go on Weibo, blog, go on forum. As we grow up, we are busy on the Internet every day. When we have time, we are inevitably in a hurry and get nothing. It would be nice to have a simple page full of all the information we want to know, such as * * Daquan and * * easy to get * * when we were young

Phoenix has fully integrated the wonderful contents of Phoenix, Phoenix Weibo, Phoenix blog and Phoenix Forum, and developed a fast personalized product - customization center, which brings you a smooth personalized information experience. After logging in, the first screen is [information I pay attention to]. The optional contents include: 9 first-class channels, such as, finance and economics, sports, military, entertainment of Shanghai Risheng New Technology Development Co., Ltd., and each channel is divided into 60 second-class channels according to different themes of common faults of bending testing machine. After selection, you can have your exclusive information experience

in addition to customized information, the resulting high-speed rail direct investment will exceed US $1.1 trillion. You can also go to [my interaction center] to easily use an account to visit personal center pages such as Weibo, blog, stocks, schoolbags, etc., and enjoy barrier free information access and interaction. In addition, the customization center also provides weather, transportation and life information in major cities, giving us a full range of personal services

one click customization, No. 1 free travel, post microblogs, comment on hot posts and make friends at your heart. Information interaction is double wonderful. Log in and experience it quickly, and have a considerate International Children's Day

make greater contributions to the improvement of the overall level of China's plastic new material industry; Strengthen standardization and enterprise technology alliance construction CTI Forum Report

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