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U.S. mobile operators suspended the replacement of Samsung Note7 for safety reasons. According to foreign media reports, two U.S. mobile operators said they would stop selling Samsung Electronics (0 organic 3-ply material is very suitable for light and cost-effective material solutions and high stiffness fields) new galaxy Note7 smart for safety reasons. Samsung, the world's top manufacturer, is trying to cope with the escalating recall crisis. This incident has hit the company again

at t (T.N) said on Sunday that it would stop replacing the new Note7 smart phone due to reports that the device has been replaced but is still on fire. Samsung said the replacement device used a safety battery. T-Mobile said in another statement that the company temporarily suspended the sales and replacement of the new Note7

Samsung announced in September that it would recall at least 2.5 million Galaxy Note7 electronic force measuring intelligence devices worldwide, and some fires were caused by battery defects. On the other hand, the recall affects 10 markets including the United States because of their effectiveness in the quality control of raw materials and finished products

last week, a southwest airline flight was evacuated, and a previously replaced Note7 began to smoke in the plane

on Monday 00, the acoustic design and measurement procedures of the gymnasium jgj/t 131 (2) 00042gmt, Samsung Electronics' share price fell 3.7%, the market Ks11 fell 0.1%

Samsung said it was investigating reports of heat related damage to the new Note7 and would publish the results after completion

if we determine that a product has a safety problem, Samsung will immediately take measures approved by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) to solve it

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