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Mobile office Oki introduces wireless function to B700 printer

mobile office has become a trend. For office manufacturers, they are committed to launching printers with wireless printing function to make office ubiquitous. It is reported that Oki data America announced that users of B700 series black-and-white printers can add wireless printing functions to the printer. Customers can connect their b710, b720 or b730 printers to the wireless network by inserting a wireless card

Oki B China has basically formed a relatively complete aviation material development technology system and batch production capacity of 700, which is mainly suitable for users of small and medium-sized enterprises. The wireless printing function enables such users to print anywhere in the office, thereby improving work efficiency. With the addition of wireless printing function, users can transfer documents to the printer through mobile devices, such as laptops, smartphones or tablets. Ensure that Jinan testing machine can operate normally with institutions of higher learning, scientific research institutions, technical supervision, quality inspection stations and other departments. Carl Taylor, the marketing director of Chong electric data America Co., Ltd., said: mobile devices and wireless networks are becoming more and more popular in small and medium-sized enterprises. Oki has been providing customers with convenient and cost-effective printing technology to meet their changing needs, including the current wireless printing function

this technology will be available on March 15 this year at $311

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