The hottest mobile payment business opportunities

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There are huge opportunities for mobile payment, and four types of companies will benefit.

global mobile payment is a fast-growing market. It is predicted that the compound growth rate of the total amount of global mobile payment business from 2009 to 2013 will be 104.8%, reaching US $110billion in 2013. It is estimated that the number of global mobile payment users will increase from 32.9 million in 2008 to 130million in 2011. According to a research report, the scale of China's mobile payment market will reach 2.845 billion yuan in 2010. At present, China's mobile payment business has entered a fast rising channel. During the two sessions in 2010, China Unicom changxiaobing made it clear to intensify and speed up the action on mobile payment; China UnionPay also reached strategic cooperation agreements with China Unicom and Chinatelecom at the end of 2009

the domestic mobile payment market has broad prospects

from the development process of bank cards gradually replacing cash, the electronization and mobility of personal financial payment means is an inevitable trend. Although at present, domestic suno energy conservation has achieved significant technical advantages over its peers, and the mobile payment market is still in its infancy, all parties in the industry have seen the huge business opportunities brought by mobile payment, the pace of business expansion will be further accelerated, and the mobile payment market has a bright future

mobile payment is a rapidly developing mobile settlement method. The industrial chain involves operators, financial institutions, third-party payment, chips, terminals and other industrial chain links. There are many technical solutions around the world. In foreign countries, represented by Japan and South Korea, mobile payment business has developed rapidly and has a considerable scale

as of 2009, the number of users in China has reached 740million, with a penetration rate of 56.3%. However, at present, the penetration rate of domestic payment is only in single digits, which has a broad development prospect compared with the penetration rate of about 50% in Japan

with the construction of 3G in China, the broadband of mobile communication network and the diversification of terminal functions will further promote the rapid development of mobile payment services. According to the 2009 Research Report on China's convenient financial services industry, about 30% of people express their willingness to use mobile payment services, and this proportion will gradually expand. According to a research report, the scale of China's mobile payment market will reach 2.845 billion yuan in 2010

industrial chain models are mainly divided into three categories

as a convenient lifestyle, the huge potential market scale of mobile payment has also attracted a large number of participants except financial institutions and operators. From the upstream chip manufacturing, to the midstream payment platform design, security services, and then to the downstream special card readers such as pos mechanism manufacturers, they all try to take a share in the upcoming wave of mobile payment. However, the current competition between operators and financial institutions for the dominant position in the mobile payment industry has also led to the diversification of China's mobile payment industry chain

with the implementation of these mobile payment schemes with different leaders, China is also showing a diversified mobile payment industry chain model

first, the mobile payment industry chain model led by operators. Mobile operators are not only the providers of mobile payment service data transmission network, but also the managers of mobile payment accounts

the second is the mobile payment industry chain model led by financial institutions. At present, the domestic mobile payment dominated by financial institutions mainly refers to the mobile payment dominated by UnionPay

the third is the industrial chain model led by the third-party payment platform. This mode refers to the third-party operators that are independent of banks and mobile telecom operators, and use the communication network resources of mobile telecom and various payment cards of financial organizations to carry out payment identity authentication and payment confirmation. At present, domestic Alipay and others have carried out relevant businesses

four types of companies have investment opportunities

the industrial chain of mobile payment is very long, but it can be divided into two main lines, namely, the provision of infrastructure manufacturing and operation service platforms. Domestic infrastructure equipment manufacturers and companies in the industrial chain such as operation service platform providers with an outstanding value of about chamfer value will benefit from this upcoming new business

it is generally believed that the companies that can benefit in the future are those that can provide core technology on the one hand, and those that can participate in the operation on the other hand. These two types of companies are ideal choices for long-term investors, including chip manufacturing and packaging, such as Changdian Technology (600584, closing price of 11.95 yuan); RF-SIM cards, such as Dongxin Heping (002017, closing price 19.34 yuan), Hengbao shares (002104, closing price can provide the required impact and modulus properties and excellent chemical resistance 21.78 yuan), etc; POS terminals, such as Nantian information (000948, closing price of 15.80 yuan), Zhengtong electronic (002197, closing price of 22.38 yuan), etc; Payment platforms, such as Tuowei information (002261, closing price of 39.52 yuan), Westone (002268, closing price of 37.87 yuan), etc. The investment value of the above companies will be improved. Daily economy

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